Review: Cettua Anti-Redness Facial Mask, Moisturizes for Supple & Firmer Skin Instead of Reducing Redness

Having redness over the skin shows your skin sensitivity and it is commonly known for those who has dry to combination skin type. Over the years my skin has turn from oily to combination and I do get redness around my nose and sometimes over the cheek or chin. Here’s my try for Cettua Anti-Redness Facial Mask.

Cettua Anti-Redness Facial Mask

‘5 berry complex provide anti-irritant and anti-redness to sensitive skin. It revitalizes the skin that is sensitive to external factors. Houttuynia cordata extract helps to get the redness out of the skin. High moisturizing essence is for a clear and well moisturized skin.’

Cettua Anti-Redness Facial Mask No Paraben, No Fragrance, No Pigment

Cettua’s mask is known for not containing paraben, fragrance and pigment. Their mask is made of 100% cotton.

Cettua Anti-Redness Facial Mask Direction & Ingredients

Half of the description on the mask pack is in Korean which I was unable to read hence capturing only on the area which is stated in English. Here they have shared how the mask works, direction to use, caution and ingredients listing. Happy to know that they are free from paraben, fragrance and pigment, they are also free from alcohol and contains different fruit extract for this mask.

Cettua Anti-Redness Facial Mask Kink

Both sides of the mask pack has it’s kink at the top part of the pack which gives an ease for opening it. Opening it was never a problem at all.

Cettua Anti-Redness Facial Mask Inside

Here’s the view of the mask inside the mask pack. It is soaked with essence and it has a mild fruity scent to it.

Cettua Anti-Redness Facial Mask - Application
Applying this mask is easy, simple follow these steps.

  1. Ensure skin is cleansed and pat dry.
  2. Remove the mask from it’s pack.
  3. Unfold the mask carefully. Apply and adjust the mask carefully on face.
  4. Leave the mask 20 – 30 minutes then remove. Massage the excess essence on the skin until fully absorbed.

Cettua Anti-Redness Facial Mask - Before & After

Here is a before and after the mask. My skin is noticeably brighter from the after mask.

Above all…

My skin definitely look brighter right after the mask. Unfortunately, the brightening effect did not last till the next morning. There isn’t much improvement for the redness over the sides of my nose. It is hard to judge as well because it’s only one time use. Even so, the mask has kept my skin moisturized and supple as my skin is much bouncier and firm. While having this mask on, I did not experience any allergy which definitely a plus point. I would recommend this mask for normal to dry skin types.

Price: MYR9.90 per piece

Availability: Watsons, Guardian

Cettua is under the company of Golden Corner Malaysia, do like their Facebook for the latest update of Cettua and other products under the same roof.


  • Brighter skin right after mask
  • Kept skin moisturized, supple and firm
  • Did not experience any allergy reaction


  • Brightening effect did not last till the next day
  • Skin redness improvement hardly to be seen with one time use

My Rating: 4/5


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This mask was provided for review purposes,, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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