Review: Decoré My Mane

I have just reviewed the last home kit hair dye end of last month and I’m coloring my hair again. That might sounds damaging but believe it or not, the color has came off because I wash my hair daily. I just cannot not wash my hair everyday with the humid weather of Malaysia, plus I sweat and my hair gets oily by a day. This time I chose Wella Decoré in 7/73 Mocha and I purposely selected the lightest shade available since most hair dye kits for covering grey turns out darker than shown from the box.

Here is a little description from the box and I heard good reviews on this. I also googled for reviews and most of the time the color turned out good. My hair is dark brown and it should be lighter according to what that has been shown from the box.

This is what can be found in the kit.  There’s a color cream, cream developer, conditioning treatment, a pair of gloves and manual. I’m surprised that the bottle of conditioner is pretty big. I’ve used for the third time and I reckon it can be used up to 4-5 application.

The cream color is in a brassy orange which I seldom seen at such color. Most of the time, I’ve seen white creams. I’ve mixed the cream color and developer into my Bigen Prominous bottle which I kept it because I love how convenient it is when it comes to coloring hair by my own.

It promises non-dripping cream which is very true but it’s very thick that almost seem like I just had some treatment on my hair. It does have chemical-like smell when you using it. I’m not so sure if it’s ammonia-free. It has to be left for 40 minutes to develop.

Before coloring, you can see my hair is dull and uneven. On the after looks darker and healthier. It may seems like another fail of the shade color but not until you see the next image.

Don’t mind the fringe, I roll my fringe to keep away from my forehead. The hair on my crown is much lighter which I don’t really understand when I applied it at the very end. This has shown quite an accurate color according to the box.


I think I want to use this again and the next time to pick this, I will choose much lighter shade. The smell of sweet almond oil from the conditioner is so sweet that I felt like eating it! It makes my hair felt so smooth after each use. It does cover grey coverage, so much more less visible from L’oreal Creme Excellence. After using this, I felt some itch here and there on my scalp. Not severe, just a tiny itch.

How much and where to buy?

I purchase this for MYR29.60 last week from Guardian and you may find it at many other places such as Watsons, departmental stores and local super and hypermarkets. Price will differ according to the current promotion, discount or offer available in the outlet.


  • Conditioner treatment leaves hair smooth
  • Non drip formula


  • Color shade half accurate
  • Gives itches

My rating: 4.2/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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