Review: Dentiste’ Plus White Night Time Toothpaste For Healthier Gums & Less Stinky Morning Breath

It is common to have bad breath the moment you woke up from your sleep in the morning. Whoever doesn’t, please let me know your secret! I was introduced to try Dentiste’ Plus White Night Time Toothpaste, it is a toothpaste that is helps to reduce bad breathe that is caused by bacteria after that long night sleep. Bad breath will not only make you feel unpleasant but if you have a spouse sleeping beside you, it’s rather embarrassing. In this case, morning kisses may only happen right after brushing teeth.

Dentiste' Plus White Night Time Toothpaste

‘Dentiste’ nighttime toothpaste is clinically proven to help inhibit nighttime bacteria which is a major cause of bad morning breath and other oral diseases, by incorporating natural, antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients. Studies reveal that 93% of Dentiste’ users experience a decrease in bad breath after the first night of use.

Dentiste’ is highly recommended for the following users:

  • Those in highly stressful jobs and who have minimal rest time
  • Those who are constantly on-the-go and have little time for daily preventive oral care.
  • Smoker and coffee and tea drinkers
  • Those who need the confidence boost from having fresh breath and healthy teeth
  • Medical patients who need hygienic care for their teeth and gums during rehabilitation.
  • Pregnant women who requires extra oral care. ‘

Dentiste' Plus White Night Time Toothpaste Pump

This is the only toothpaste that I have came across that comes in pump. It may look funny but it’s very hygienic as the toothpaste dispenses with less mess than the typical tooth paste tube.

Dentiste' Plus White Night Time Toothpaste Ingredients

Infused with natural ingredients as natural anti-septic, these are the ingredients that helped to inhibit those nasty bacteria. It is recommended to use it before bed.

Dentiste' Plus White Night Time Toothpaste On Toothbrush

I was also using Dr Barman’s Super Brush along with the toothpaste. The texture of the mint green toothpaste is thick, minty and has that slight herbal flavor to it.

Dentiste' Plus White Night Time Toothpaste Progress

Though this toothpaste did not particularly mentioned that it whitens the teeth, the label did include ‘Plus White’ which I assume might whiten the teeth a little. Throughout the progress, I do notice that my teeth is slightly less yellow. I do have sensitive gum in selected areas and I have experience slight gum bleeding on the first use. After about 3 nights, I did not experience any gum bleeding anymore up until today.

Dentiste' Plus White Night Time Toothpaste Before & After

Before and after a month of using this tooth paste, I do felt my gums are much healthier and brighter teeth. Occasionally, I do experience gum ache and I do noticed that the aching did not occur for a while now. Cross my fingers, I hope they don’t come back at all.

Above all…

Throughout the usage of this toothpaste, I do think my gums are much healthier and I really wish that this is not only made for night time. I’m not sure if there shall be any side effect using during the day and I have to try it. I have tried smelling my breath when I woke up in the morning (I know that sounds perfectly weird but I have to) and I do feel that it is less stinky. I have also open the question to the BF and he doesn’t seem to feel the same way as I do.  I can’t be telling him to smell my morning breath just to tell me the difference, it will be awkwardly embarrassing. If you are a person who is particular about morning breath, I think this is worth to try. After all, they do come in smaller bottle if you are not willing to pay for the bigger ones.

Price: MYR18.00

Weight: 120grams


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  • Easy and hygienic pump
  • Healthier gums
  • Brighter teeth
  • Less stinky morning breath


  • Doesn’t completely inhibit morning breath

My Rating: 4.5/5


 ~ ♦ ~

This toothpaste was provided by Hermo Malaysia for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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