Review: Dual-Function Mascara, RMK Extra Deep W for Sky High Lashes!

RMK Extra Deep W Mascara promises to create that invisible eye liner said Adrian, RMK Makeup Artist from my last visit at their counter. Feeling confused and Adrian continued explaining it to me that this mascara has the ability to provide thickness  at the base of the lashes, great enough to create an illusion of softly lined eyes.

A double-ended mascara with fibrous base to create the ultimate length and volume effect. First, apply the mascara coat evenly, then the rich coat of fibres from the fibrous base, and apply a last coat of mascara to set the fibres. Its water resistant formula ensures a smudge free effect that lasts all day long. – RMK Extra Deep W Mascara in Black

Most dual-function mascara comes with a white base but RMK make it all black because if you’re not careful with your application with the ordinary dual-function mascara, you could see the white base on your lashes. For this mascara, the base is black and the mascara is filled with fibre to build length to the lashes.

How To Apply

  • Step One – Curled naked lashes
  • Step Two – Apply base
  • Step Three – Apply mascara, dab at the end of the lashes to build more length
  • Step Four – Done!

Here is a comparison of before and after applying the mascara, as you can see the mascara lifted and curled my lashes very well.  It also defines my lower lashes very well. The invisible eye liner is not very strong as my lashes are sparse on some areas and most of the lashes are sticking together when I’m having this mascara on.

Lasting Power Test

This mascara lasted so well after approximately 9.5 hours. No smudging and also still looks like how it’s freshly applied.


I love this mascara for its lifting and curling power plus being smudge-free for more than 9 hours.  However, the invisible eye liner effect didn’t work out for me, I think its because my lashes are still sparse. The formula dries off pretty quickly, so when I have applied the base, I’ll have to apply the mascara quickly. The fibers from the mascara be able to extend about 2mm for my lashes and if I do on too much, it will start to be clumpy. I remove it using cleansing oil and sometimes I have to double cleanse because the mascara was not completely removed.

Price: MYR145.00

Weight: 0.1oz/ 3.0grams

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Parkson Pavilion, Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens Mid Valley

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  • Doesn’t leave white base on lashes
  • Lifts and curls lashes very well
  • Builds length
  • Smudge-free for 9.5 hours
  • Quick dry formula


  • Invisible eye liner effect not as visible
  • Tough to remove
  • Contains Paraben

My Rating: 4.5/5

 ~ ♦ ~

This mascara was provided by RMK for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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