Review: Essence Gel Eye Liner That Glides Smoothly Yet Affordable!

I have given up using gel liner a few years back because of the hassle on cleaning the eye liner brush but Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner, it has save me and made me to love gel liners again.  Another reason why I would want to try Essence Gel Eye Liner is because I had to provide make-up service for clients. After I bought it, out of the blue I had the idea to create a Halloween look which is Bleach Ichigo Hollow.

ultra-smooth gel formula allows for precise application. apply it with the eyeliner brush. quick-drying, long-lasting, smudge and waterproof. available in three colours, one of which is new – Essence Gel Liner

It comes in tiny jar just like any typical gel liner and you could see I have used up quite a bit.  The crack in the middle happen when I was dipping my synthetic eye shadow brush in it.  This gel liner doesn’t come with any brush.

The shade that I have chosen is called Midnight in Paris which is a matte black gel liner. I believe internationally there are four shades available but I only saw Midnight in Paris and Berlin Rocks (metallic purple) at Watsons. From the swatch you could see that the gel liner is very pigmented whether in creating thick or thin lines.

This gel liner glides on my lash line smoothly, almost like a liquid eye liner. You can definitely play around with which style of the eye liner you would like to wear. It doesn’t take too long to dry nor quick drying.

Lasting Power Test

I wore it for approximately for 9.5 hours. In between I was watching Family Outing (Korean Variety Show), it was freaking hilarious that I laughed and tears started to accumulate in my eyes while watching it. There’s a little smudge on my lower outer corners and the smudge could have been heavier because I have cleaned it during the midday.


I love that its really pigmented, smooth gliding and being so affordable especially when it comes from Europe. Though it claims to be smudge-proof but it did smudge on me. Though it smudge, the gel liner still look great after 9.5 hours. I didn’t set it with any eye shadow, maybe that could work to make it smudge-proof. I have own this gel liner for almost a month now and it hasn’t dry. Of course, I didn’t develop any irritation from using this gel liner.

Price: MYR15.90

Weight: 0.1fl.oz/3ml

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Watsons


  • Smooth gliding
  • Very pigmented
  • Very affordable
  • Still look great after approximately 9.5 hours
  • No irritation


  • Smudges

My Rating: 4.5/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Nice….I love the price. And I think this is exactly what I need. Smooth gliding….I am definitely gonna try this. Smudge…I think most of it claims they are smudge proof anyway. So it comes to a point where I just assume they all smudge anyhow. But this one does look smooth and good. 9.5 hours is long enough. Btw, I really like what u did with his Ichigo thing.
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    • I know right? It’s pocket friendly too. Well I believe there should be one at least that doesn’t smudge, will just have to find. Thanks on the Ichigo look!

    • I used to be very lazy too but I told myself if I clean it right after I use it, it will ease a lot.

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