Review: Evolu Purifying Mask Leaves Skin Acne Free, Radiant & Healthy But Not Strong Enough To Absorb My Skin Excess Oil

The adventure of finding the right product to get rid of my skin oiliness is endless. As we might already know, clay is very good for combination to oily skin. Here I was introduced to try Evolu Purifying Mask and in fact, I’m having it on while writing this.

Evolu Purifying Mask‘Perfect for a weekly deep cleanse or when skin needs extra help, this mask suits all skin types, especially sensitive or oily. The active botanicals work in combination with kaolin clay to gently exfoliate, detoxify and thoroughly remove damaging impurities. The mask dries quickly, absorbing make-up, excess oil and grime. Gentle wiping with a warm, wet face cloth removes the mask and thoroughly purifies without the need for harsh scrubbing.’ – theSkintopic

This mask is recommended for all skin types despite of having kaolin clay as part of their ingredient. It definitely sounds promising as it even absorbs make-up residue, excess oil and impurities. I would say this would be suitable for my skin especially I have very oily t-zone and wears make-up daily. Well, at least foundation, brows and blusher. ^_^

Evolu Purifying Mask Packaging

It comes in a squeeze tube form, which prevents the product from oxidizing, stay hygienic and easy to control on dispensing the product. There’s a seal by the opening of the tube which indicates that it is new and has not been used. Simply remove the seal, place the cap back and it’s ready to use.

Evolu Purifying Mask Texture

The creamy texture is very thick and it is so thick that there are times I find it difficult to squeeze the tube to dispense the product with one hand. The product tend to get to the end of the tube quickly even though I have squeezed it towards the tip much earlier. It has a very delicious sweet orange scent that I almost wanted to eat it or almost tempted to squeeze the mask straight into my mouth. LOL just kidding!

Evolu Purifying Mask Application

Since the texture is thick, it was very difficult to spread the mask across my face using a brush. I’m just using a plain old synthetic foundation brush to apply. I then switch to use my fingers to apply which is much better and I think the reason behind it is because the warmth of the fingers tend to ‘melt’ the mask. Also, I would apply toner or any soothing water prior to the mask as it also helps to make the mask spread easily.

I used it once or twice a week, depending on my skin condition. The mask does dries very quickly (at about less than a minute) and with the toner/soothing water trick, it does take slightly longer which I would prefer. There are times I would also use just on the oily areas of my face such as t-zone, inner cheek and chin. There are also times, I would just slap on the mask on my entire face. I remove the mask by washing it off.

I have used this product on my BF and he felt slight tingling sensation. At first, I thought it was because his skin is much more on the dryer side which made his skin sensitive towards the mask but on my first time of using this mask, I felt the tingling sensation too. I would like to take the tingling sensation positively as it is still bearable and as though the mask is doing it’s magic on my skin to lift and absorb all the gunk away.

Evolu Purifying Mask Progress

Here is my weekly progress and I love how my skin is acne free for the entire progress. The redness at the sides of my nose seems soothed as it is less red gradually.  I do notice that the blackheads are slightly reduced throughout using this mask.

Evolu Purifying Mask Before & After

Before using the mask, my skin look slightly dull and uneven and on the after, it looked much more radiant and seems even more healthy.

Evolu Purifying Mask Ingredients

This mask contains no paraben. Most of the ingredients is natural, either from flower or fruit.

Above all…

The mask kept my skin at bay, acne free for a month which I love the most, BUT it didn’t do very well in absorbing excess oil. My skin is still as oily as before and I frequently blot it as usual. Therefore, I believe it explains why my blackheads are only slightly reduced. I wasn’t very comfortable with the quick dry formula as it was a little too fast especially in an air-condition room. I almost thought it could take up the skin moisture but it didn’t. The BF likes it that it leaves his skin smooth and soft right after. I do think that the price for this mask is quite pricey, especially looking it at how well it has done for me. I would recommend this for those who have normal to combination skin.

Price: MYR 189.00

Weight: 75ml/2.6fl.oz

Availability: theSkintopic Outlets



  • Hygienic squeeze tube
  • Leaves skin smooth and soft
  • Maintain skin acne free
  • Soothes redness
  • Blackhead is slightly reduced
  • Leaves skin radiant and healthy


  • Texture too thick
  • Dries too fast
  • Skin is still oily the next day
  • Pricey

My Rating: 4.2/5


~ ♦ ~

This mask has been provided by theSkintopic for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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