Review: Garnier Light BB Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On, Let It Conceals & Treat Your Under-Eye In A Go!

I use concealer on my under-eye daily, hardly miss it unless I’m sick or just being pure lazy.  I ran out of Lancôme Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen which I mentioned it was one of my favorite in my May 2012 Hits & Misses. I wanted to look for something that’ll be able to treat my dark circles and conceal it at the same time.  I know treating dark circle to be completely gone is almost impossible but at least to try to reduce it rather than looking lifeless and I don’t expect a perfect high coverage concealing for daily use. I came around to Garnier Light BB Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On and decided to give it a try.

Are you seeing two? It’s actually just one.  On the left is the sealed packaging which has been stuck with another label to accommodate  our language. On the right is what’s exactly printed on the box with Thai language. They only come in a shade which is Natural and I recently purchase it from Guardian for MYR19.88.  They are still having sales on it when I saw them yesterday.

The description at the back of the box makes it clear what it does. Sounds exactly like their skin care, Garnier Eye Roll-On but this helps to conceal it. With the 10 benefits stated, it does sound really promising. I’m also eager to try this after watching Judy’s first impression on Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller which I suppose its a similar product but hers is available in US.

The roll-on looks almost like a pen-sized, great to travel with. Physically also it is exactly the same with the Garnier Eye Roll-On.

Roll roll roll~ this is where the product comes out. The ball which I’m not too sure if it’s made of stainless steel or metal, it helps to cool down and relief puffiness. When I used Garnier Eye Roll-On, my concern for such application is if it’s hygienic. It isn’t if you give it a thought immediately but to think again because I were to use it on in my skincare regime and I usually begin with my clean face. Another concern to this is mixture of skincare products, what if rolling this product would pick up the previous skin care residue from my face? Will it deteriorate this product?

On the first time of using this, I was overly excited to roll on my under-eye but there’s so much product in single rolling. I learned my lesson and does half a roll to use this now.  Blending it is not a problem at all and it finishes off non-oily and powdered.

Testing out if it will be suitable when camera flash involves. It doesn’t look like it leaves an obvious white cast. It only comes in one shade which I think suitable for fair to medium skin tone and it will be too light for darker skin tones.

My dark circles are pretty evident, more redness on the inner corners and gradually goes with blue-ish tone . I blame it on the number of hours that I have to spend in front of the computer and late night sleeps. This is my preferred way to use this roll-on and see how much it has brighten up my under-eye area. The coverage is very sheer to medium.

  • Step 1 – Roll on the product sparingly on the under-eye
  • Step 2 – Blend it with my finger
  • Step 3 – Set it with foundation powder

From the instructions on the box, it doesn’t require setting it because it claims for being crease-free. Personally, I don’t mind setting it because I’m very used to doing so. plus the weather in Malaysia is humid, the product may slip off anytime. I have done two test for this product which I tried without and with setting it to see if it crease and last.

Test One: Without Setting It With Powder

  • 8:49AM – Freshly applied
  • 1:41PM – Began to crease on my under-eye fine lines
  • 6:21PM – Evident creasing and oxidized.

Result: It did creased on my under-eye fine lines at approximately on the 5th hour. Also, I have been laughing a lot on the same day and the product got removed on the outer corner of my eye from my tears.

Test Two: Setting It With Foundation Powder

  • 8:51AM – Freshly applied
  • 1:24PM – Still looking great as though it’s freshly applied
  • 6:19PM – Began to crease and oxidize.

Result: Setting it prolongs the chances of creasing and oxidizing.


I have only been using it for a week and a half, I love how this is so easy to use but yet to see significant improvement on my dark circles. On daily basis, I hardly use eye shadows and I do use some of this product on my eye lid to make my eye area look more balanced. The coverage is fine for me as I wanted my dark circles to be brighten and still look natural without overly done. It does oxidize, so I recommend blending  up to the cheek area where it could highlight for the cheeks.  It creases on lines but on the rest of the area, it stays on very much on both test. The lasting power stays on better if I set it for more than 7 hours.The backlash is, it only comes in ONE shade, maybe trying to set it with a shade darker foundation powder if you have darker skin tone? This is really affordable and if you watch Judy’s review, she mentioned that she purchased it for USD10.00 which is definitely much more pricier after conversion.

Retail Price: MYR24.90

Weight: 15ml

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Watsons, Guardian, major super & hypermarkets and departmental stores

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  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Instantly brighten up eye area
  • Natural coverage
  • Long lasting
  • Non drying
  • No tight feeling
  • Very affordable


  • Creases
  • Oxidize
  • Only one shade available

My rating: 4.5/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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    • I did too, it is convenient but hasn’t done much to treat my dark circles. Does it work for you?

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