Review: HiruScar Gel, Skin Care Gel For Scars

Mederma and Garden of Eden, nothing worked until I found this. This is not the first time of me using it and I finally put myself to review it after two weeks of using it. I bought mine from Guardian because I wanted to hasten the scar healing process. You know how post acne scars can be so stubborn to get rid off and in two weeks, HiruScar gel proved some results.

Hiruscar Gel - Description

I manage to get the description manual scanned and it includes the details how scars are formed, what does the gel do, key ingredients and innovation, ingredients listing and direction of use. It’s alcohol and Paraben free.

Hiruscar Gel 2

They come in two sizes, smaller one weighs 5 grams and the larger one weighs 20 grams. I bought the one in 4 grams because my scars aren’t as severe but visible. The cap comes with a pointy thing, which I’m not too sure what is it called is meant to pierce the seal . Be careful when you want to pierce it because the gel oozes out quite a bit once the seal is broken. What I recommend is to allow the tube to standing upright for a few minutes before piercing it then pierce it carefully with the tube still standing upright. Its in a gel texture and only applied a thin layer over healed scars otherwise it will be too oily. I used it twice a day, morning and night before bed, after toner and before serum.

Hiruscar Gel - Before & After 2 Weeks Forehead

Upon using it for only 2 weeks, it does show positive results. Before is where I have not used the gel and after two weeks my scars are less prominent. Please do take note that I’m not wearing any makeup at all. I didn’t develop any irritation from using this gel at all but do not use on open wounds because it stings. Be sure that your wound or acne is healed (without scab) as how it was mentioned in their manual.

Hiruscar Gel - Before & After 2 Weeks Chin

I have much more prominent scars near my chin area and you can see they are less darker. The after results seems like my scars are healing. To be honest, these scars are very stubborn, I had them for months and nothing seems to work.


Since this is not the first time of me using it, I can say that I pretty much love this. Although the results isn’t dramatic, I can understand that each individual’s skin is different. Its quite an effective product at a reasonable price. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the scent, it has that tingly tea scent. It maybe a weird scent for selective individuals but  it goes off once you continue with the rest of your skin care regime. When I first bought this, I was sceptical and didn’t want to go for the larger tube. In my opinion, its great that come in two sizes which gives an option for those who wants to try it out and those trusted and wants a better value out of it.

Price: MYR 15.00 (small), TBC (large)

Weight: 4 grams (small), 20 grams (large)

Availability:  Watsons, Guardian, Carings and selected pharmacies.


  • Effectively reduces the visibly of the scar even within 2 weeks
  • Affordable
  • Economical
  • Gel based, not too rich for the skin


  • Oozing gel upon opening causing wastage

My Rating: 4.8/5


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    • I tried Bio-Oil and I lost patience to it. Because its oil based, I didn’t like the feeling of oil on my face since I have combination oily skin.

  1. Hi hun! This product looks promising. To answer your question on FB, mine took a good 3-4 months for it to really fade out but in 2 weeks changes were already visible so this was such a big plus. Vitamin C works like a charm in terms of brightening and this product Skin&Lab C Plus is all about that.

    Check here:

    x Donah
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    • Unfortunately, I don’t think it does as pitted scars are much more severed scars. I recommend aesthetic treatments for it. ^_^

  2. I’ve use this product and it’s work for me! Hehe.. By the way, Traclyn, seems like your face got a lot of opened pores. Try use “Clean & Clear foaming facial wash” (orange liquid and purple bottle cap). You can get it from Watson / Guardian store. It’s work perfectly for me 😉

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