Review: Instant Brightening & Plumped Skin with Morn17 Mask

Frankly speaking, I would love to mask everyday but I tend to get lazy on some days being tired or just plain lazy and I didn’t want my mask supply to run out that quickly. I used to do everyday but I’m cutting down for a bit. This mask is from Taiwan which was given by my BF’s mum. Its by the brand called Morn17 and its a Peptide Anti-wrinkle Mask. I have never heard of this brand before but no harm trying, right?

Masks in Taiwan is fairly famous for its quality and tons available at almost everywhere even in their convenience store like 7 Eleven. I can’t read Chinese and I have seeked for my colleague’s help to translate the description.

Basically, this mask is suitable for sensitive skin where contains rose damascene and collagen. It helps to replenish skin moisture, whitening and reduce wrinkles.

Its a sheet mask which doesn’t come with any protective film. It has quite a bit of extra essence and it drips a little bit as I remove it from the sachet. Also, I usually like to store my sheet mask in the fridge because I love the cold surge when I apply one.

Before: Cleansed face and just did a home micro dermabrasion treatment

Mask: It has a hint of rose scent, no irritation. I have to cut some slits around the eye area just to make it fit perfectly without any air bubbles. The sheet is slightly thicker than Beauty Diary Masks.

After: Skin looked more plum and brighter. I have massaged my face for the essence residue and my skin absorbs it very well.

It has a website printed on the back of the sachet, I tried to access it but its not available. They do have a telephone number and if you’re in Taiwan, you could give it a try to call them.


I like this mask because of the moisturising properties and I could definitely see an instant result of brighter and plumped skin. I can’t judge for reducing the wrinkles because I only have 2 sachet of this mask. The hydrating effect is great because my cheek and chin area was super dry. Though it doesn’t come with any protective film, the mask is not that prone from tearing as long you unfold it gently. I can’t imagine myself if I ever go Taiwan, I think I’ll splurge tons on their mask!

Price: not available

Weight: 25grams

Collection Status: Permanent (I think?)

Availability: Taiwan (even in their convenience store like 7 Eleven)



  • Instant brightening and plumped skin
  • Rehydrates skin
  • Doesn’t irritate skin


  • Not available in Malaysia
  • Contains paraben

My rating: 4.8/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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