Review: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eye Brow in Light Brown

Have you watched my latest video? If you haven’t please do, as I have featured my BFF and this is the first time of her to appear in many of my videos (watch here). In the video, I have introduced to her Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eye Brow which promises to create soft natural brows.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eye Brow in Light Brown - Swatch

1. Change the impression of your brows to soft and fluffy!

The sponge applicator that comes with the Powder Eyebrow allows easy creation of soft looking fluffy eyebrows to create a stronger eye impression.

2. A fine-tipped sponge applicator

The applicator has a fine tip to facilitate drawing natural and beautiful eye brows all the way to the end.

3. Water-proof

Resistant to sweat, water, sebum and rubbing and is long-lasting.

Less powder falls off and the coloration is better if applied multiple times. *Please use an oil-based makeup remover.” – Kiss Me

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eye Brow in Light Brown - Applicator

The sponge applicator is circular cone-shaped, soft, flexible and has spring against the handle. You might be wondering where does the powder comes from. It’s actually inside of the cap and that explains why the applicator is springy. Its because the applicator touches and picks up the powder from the inside, hence you can’t have the applicator to be stiff at its position otherwise it will be broken apart.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eye Brow Application

To use this  is easy and here is how-to.

  1. Before – My brows are really sparse at the beginning and I always prefer full and flatter brows to accustomed to my face shape.
  2. Apply – Simple run the sponge applicator onto brows as many times to create the desired brow shape. I have used feathery strokes to fill in sparse areas and goes on more heavy handed for the beginning of my brows.
  3. Ready –  This is how I usually draw my brows and the shade does appear a little too dark for me.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eye Brow in Light Brown - Lasting Power


As usual, I always like to give it a day-test.

  • 8:50AM – Freshly applied the brow powder and from this image you can see the shade is a little dark for me.
  • 6.22PM – You can tell the difference how much it has disappeared especially at the beginning of the brows.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eye Brow - Ingredients

Here are the ingredients listing. I’m cute happy that it contains castor oil because it helps in promoting hair growth but it contains silica.


At my first thought, I was blaming myself for having oily t-zone that causes this brow powder not to stay on me until I read the description again that it was suppose to be sebum-proof too. Which means this brow powder didn’t work on me after all.  Since the shade doesn’t match for me, I use this to contour the sides of my nose and it works well although it didn’t last just like when I have it on my brows. I think this is better off for those who have normal to dry skin type and just needs their brows to fill in naturally. Personally, I always prefer more defined brows.

Price: MYR 39.90

Weight: 0.4grams

Availability: Watsons, Sasa, Zalora, Rakuten, Natta Cosme, Lazada

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  • Create soft and natural brows
  • Sponge applicator soft and flexible
  • Easy to use


  • Non sebum-proof
  • Wears off after 9 hours

My Rating: 3.8/5


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