Review: Lameila Sponge Brush, A Makeup Sponge With Handle

A while ago, I have shared that I spotted this makeup sponge brush from Mr DIY in my Instagram and I believe selective Mr DIY store will carry this. It is from Lameila, one of the brand made in China with adequate quality. This sponge brush comes with two shapes and I picked the one in dome shaped. It is very affordable as it is priced at MYR6.90 and of course, I’m not expecting too much from this but convenience.

Lameila Sponge Brush

This sponge brush is like the dome shaped makeup sponge but with handle. My concern to this brush is if it has good control and the ability to blend during the application. The entire design of the sponge looked convincing but I’m still doubting.

Lameila Sponge Brush 2The initial packaging for the sponge brush looks like this, it is not as presentable but what matters the most is the quality of the brush. I could not read Chinese, but I did saw the word ‘BB’ on their description at the back of the packaging which I believe it is most recommended to use blend BB cream. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Lameila Sponge Brush Close Up

Here is a close up of the sponge, it is very textured but soft and smooth at touch. The reason why I picked the dome shaped is the narrow part of the sponge will be able to reach narrow areas of my face such as sides of the nose and between eyes and nose bridge.

Lameila Sponge Brush Application

Normally, we need to wet the sponge prior to application. I didn’t do that for this and gotten worried if most of my foundation would sink into the sponge instead. It did sink, probably about 40% of what I applied on my face which I think it isn’t too bad because I was able to see that the foundation was evenly blended onto my skin.

Upon using the sponge brush, I do find that it is difficult to control on the direction of the sponge on where to blend and the pressure is not as firm as I wish it could be. I had the tendency to reach over the sponge directly to have better control in blending my foundation. At times I do feel as though the sponge would fall off from the handle as it did came out a little bit. Another thing I liked about this sponge is that it doesn’t have strong latex scent like how some makeup sponge would have.

Lameila Sponge Brush Before & After

I’m impressed how well it blend the foundation and you’ll be able to see it from my before and after photo. It gives that air brushed skin look and no cakey finish at all.

Above all…

To be honest, I don’t usually use makeup sponge but they do some in handy in certain way. I like this sponge brush but it is better off without the handle as it was quite challenging when I do not have much control while blending the foundation. While it’s purse-friendly, the quality and outcome of using this sponge brush is above from my expectation. I would recommend this if you are looking for a quick blending tool for foundation or bb creams.

Price: MYR6.90

Availability: Selective Mr DIY


  • Absorb approximately 40% of foundation without damping with water
  • Blends foundation evenly without being cakey
  • Very affordable


  • Not much control when blending
  • The sponge seems like it’s going to fall off from the handle anytime

My Rating: 4.6/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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