Review: Lashes From Day 2 Night Mascara

“Glam’Eyes Day-2-Night, our first mascara that creates two dramatically different lash looks with just one brush. The secret is the magic double cap! During the day, choose the Length Cap for ultra-long, gorgeously defined lashes – perfect for those flirtatious” – Rimmel London UK

The size of the actual Rimmel London GlamEyes Day 2 Night Mascara reminds me of a whiteboard marker pen because of the thickness of the mascara tube. We don’t usually get such big tube mascaras. I have tried the earlier version of Glam’Eyes mascara and it was disappointing  because most of the time, it just helps to redefine the lashes and doesn’t give any dramatic effect at all. Of course with high hopes, I wish this could make a difference. This comes in a combination of giving length and volume for your lashes.

I like how this tube has iridescent effect as the design, just like how blurred night city lights. I love the vision of it. Here is also a show of the wand and they are actually comes in a single wand only and I will reveal why is it so later on. You can tell for the lengthening, there isn’t so much product in between the bristles while the volumizing has more product in it.

Here is the reveal of why there is only one wand of mascara involved. Just as it claims, it comes in double magic cap. For the length wand, it is thinner and it slides through the tube of the volume. Did you notice there is a gunk of product at the end of the volume tube? What the volume tube does is to minimize the amount of product for the length wand, sort of like scraping it off from the bristles. When the the length wand is inserted to the volume tube, it acts as another purpose of mascara which you have more product within the bristles. I would also say the volume tube acts as a filter for the length wand. Let’s see how it works on me.

There are a few stages to look upon where there is before application, curled lashes, length application and volume application. If you look carefully on the image, you can definitely tell how different my lashes look like in each stage. As recommended, length is suitable during the day as it does helps in redefining lashes and it doesn’t look clumpy and I think it may contain fiber because at times I do see tiny fiber-like on my lashes.


As a mascara-holic, I love this mascara for the result and lasting effect. I would also say the length is more for natural look and volumizing creates dramatic lashes. You can definitely tell from my last image of different stages of application, otherwise you could compare the visibility of my top and bottom lashes. This mascara also helps to lift the lashes and last me for more than 8 hours without smudging. I don’t remember seeing that it is waterproof from the tube. We all know how makeup melts easily with the humidity in Malaysia. There is a backlash to this mascara which is the volume wand. Since the bristles picks up more product, I tend to get messed up during the application a.k.a accidentally having the product on my eyelid or lower lash line. It is easy to remove with makeup remover for length but had to work more for volume as the build-up is greater. This mascara definitely changed my perception on Glam’Eyes range.

How much and where to buy?

Retail price for MYR39.90 available at our local drugstores and selected Parksons. Price offered by retailers may differ due to current promotion, discounts or offer.


  • Gives result as promised
  • Long lasting effect
  • No smudging
  • Easy removal


  • Volume application could get messy
  • Pricier than the usual

My rating:4.8


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