Review: LashFusion XL™ Micro-Technology Instant Lash Volumizer

This mascara is not available in Malaysia and I bought it from Australia via Catch of The Day. Fusion Beauty is more well-known for its Lip Fusion, its a lip plumping gloss. This comes in a set with the Lip Fusion and I was really curious if this is going to plump up my lashes like Lip Fusion. This mascara ain’t the full size, it’s 8g/0.28oz.

LashFusion XL™ Micro-Technology Instant Lash Volumizer 2

“A nutrient-rich volumizing mascara with patented Capisphere encapsulation technology thickens, strengthens, conditions each and every lash, even after washing!” – LashFusion XL™ Micro-Technology Instant Lash Volumizer

LashFusion XL™ Micro-Technology Instant Lash Volumizer - Brush

This is how the brush looked like and its huge! It should be the same size as the full size and the formula its not wet at all. It smells just like any typical mascara but its not strong at all.

LashFusion XL™ Micro-Technology Instant Lash Volumizer - How To - Application

Because the brush is pretty big, its easy to use to coat those lashes.

  • Before – curled naked lashes.
  • Single Coat – my lashes are much defined and slightly darken.
  • Double Coat – my lashes are slightly more darker.

It doesn’t appear to make my lashes look volumized but its more on redefining it as it made my lashes look more visible. What I like about it is that it doesn’t look clumpy at all.

LashFusion XL™ Micro-Technology Instant Lash Volumizer - Lasting

Tested it on on one-day basis and let’s see how it turns out.

  • 8:51AM – Freshly applied the mascara
  • 1:37PM – My lashes look just like how it looked like when freshly applied.
  • 6:28PM – Lashes are still looking good!

Although this mascara doesn’t give much volume, I’m glad that it doesn’t smudge too!

LashFusion XL™ Micro-Technology Instant Lash Volumizer - Ingredients

Here is the ingredient’s listing and they do contain natural ingredients such as olive oil, wheat and avocado oil. However it contains Paraben too.


I was expecting tons of volume from this mascara but I guess this is more suitable for those who wants their lashes to look natural and well defined. I liked how it doesn’t smudge after more than 9 hours which is awesomely great. It doesn’t harden my lashes when I have it on and easily remove it with makeup remover.

Price: AUD 10 (set)

Weight: 3g/0.28oz.

Availability: Fusion Beauty

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  • Defines lashes
  • No smudging for more than 9 hours
  • Easily removed with makeup remover


  • Doesn’t give much volume
  • Not available in Malaysia

My Rating: 4/5


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