Review: Makeup Forever Ink Liner, Great Shade Intensity, Long Lasting, Matte Finish & Quick Dry Formula, What More Can I Say?

Matte is a trend that hit into the market since the recent years and this has gone into the beauty market which everyone has been welcoming it with open hands including me. Let me just share that I have recently used a matte eyeliner which I’m quite happy with. It’s Make Up Forever Ink Liner.

Makeup Forever Ink Liner

‘A must-have for pros. Ink Liner’s long and flexible tip allows for ultimate precision to create a multitude of looks. It defines the eyes with a rich matte black finish that stays put for 12-hours.’

Makeup Forever Ink Liner Ingredients

My only concern on the ingredient from this eye liner is that it contains alcohol. As of today, I have yet to experience any irritation. I believe there is a small percentage of alcohol and if you have sensitive eyes, I would advice to try eye liners that does not contain alcohol.

Makeup Forever Ink Liner Brush

The packaging of the eye liner is the standard eye liner and it comes with felt tip applicator. I could foresee myself not able to create sharp thin line before using this eye liner because it could be very tricky.

Makeup Forever Ink Liner Swatch

Indeed it does finish off matte and because of the felt tip applicator, it tend to get streaky at times. I’m quite impressed of how fast dries up right after applying it. I love the opacity of it as the shade is in intense black.

Makeup Forever Ink Liner Application

I was worried if I could end up not liking this eye liner, knowing the fact that it comes with felt tip applicator. However, it isn’t too bad after all. Since I do know there is possibility to have streaky finish, I tried my best to be light-handed to apply the eye liner and it didn’t get streaky at all. The formula is pretty wet which assisted in the application in a way that it could be applied easily without tugging the eyes and the application has to be done as quickly as possible as it dries off within seconds. It is possible to achieve sharp lining but can be tricky.

Makeup Forever Ink Liner Matte Liquid Eyeliner

This is how it turns out for me and you are able to see how matte it is. I quite like it that it’s lightweight and the shade is so intense that it does make a lot of difference once you applied it. My eyes is very much defined.

Above all…

This eye liner falls under my current favorite! Though it comes with felt tip applicator which I may be uncomfortable with but I love the intensity of the shade, matte finish, ease of application and quick dry formula. My only concern is that it is tricky to archive real sharp lining. Felt tip is much more easier to control, therefore this is great for those beginner for liquid eye liner. It stayed on pretty well for good 9 hours without smudging at all and I have yet to wear any longer for this moment but I believe it could still stay smudge-proof even longer. Though it stayed so well, it is easy to remove at the same time.

Price: MYR90

Weight: 3.5ml / 0.11fl. oz

Availability: Sephora and Make-Up Forever boutiques

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  • Great intensity of shade
  • Matte finish
  • Ease of application
  • Quick dry formula
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to remove


  • Difficult to archive sharp lining

My Rating: 4.8/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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