Review: Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Cardinal

Image Courtesy of Max Factor UK

“Foundation might perfect your skin but a hint of cream blush is the secret weapon to a healthy glow. Now you can create the ultimate skin finish yourself with new Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. Designed to perfectly compliment the flawless results of Miracle Touch Foundation, this blend-easy blusher adds a radiant, dewy flush to all skin-types. Unlike powder blushers it also stays looking freshly applied throughout the day” – Max Factor UK

To my surprise, the size of the blusher is the same size as it’s Earth Spirit Eye Shadow which is pretty small than the blushers we usually see and the packaging is exactly the same with the eye shadow. 

The shade I have selected is Soft Cardinal. This blusher’s life span last a year upon opening and it is made in Ireland.

When I get a held on this blusher, I noticed that it has tiny dots of liquid on it’s surface. I left it for a few days before using it and liquid texture is no longer there but somehow it stained the surface of the blusher. I also noticed that the sides of the blusher has some liquid that piled up for a bit. I think it’s oil and it’s most probably the texture that I saw earlier.

I place a 1 ply tissue over the blusher and give a slight press to absorb the oil before using. I repeated the same step for four times with the intentions to get rid of the oil.

Here is a swatch of it. It has that creamy lipstick texture with a little shimmer. The shimmer makes me worry about how it will turn up on my skin. I never like anything to make my face much shinier. Looking at the pink shade from the packaging, it seems like medium dark pink but when I use my finger to come up with this swatch, its medium light red.


To pick up the blusher using fingers wasn’t as soft as I thought it would be but it is great in a way that it helps to control the amount to be applied on your cheeks. It has an extremely light baby-powder scent to it which I’m fine with it, maybe not to those who have sensitive skin or allergy. To blend it over my cheeks wasn’t too difficult.


I mentioned earlier about the shimmer but once I applied it, it gives a subtle glow on my cheek area. With the glow and this shade, it also gave me a natural blush. It’s very pigmented and all you need is just need a dab or two for each side of your cheek. However, it does make my cheek feel sticky after blending. Since its cream textured blush, I applied on my lips with hope that it can be multipurpose. It gives a natural pink tint to my lips but it’s wasn’t moisturizing enough. Wearing this blusher alone could stay on my skin up to 3 hours. I think if I set it with loose powder or powder blush, it could probably stay longer. This doesn’t break me out which is something I’m very happy about.

How much & where to buy?

Retail price at MYR28.00 available at our local departmental stores such as  Metrojaya, Parksons, and Isetan (Lot 10). Price offered may differ due to current promotion, discounts or offer.


  • Easy blending
  • Economical
  • Gives natural glowing blush
  • Doesn’t clog my pores


  • Small packaging
  • Oily liquid texture appear on surface
  • Sticky feeling after blending
  • Lasting duration isn’t long enough

My rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Looks yummy minus d oily surface. Seems like a solution for those who wishes for a blusher thats pigmented n at d same time gving a result of almost like matte blusher. Butit is stil, jz a 3.5 out of 5 of which a pretty number but stil in d list of not-so-convincing product.

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