Review: Maybelline Color Show Lip Color in Pink Please, A Must Grab for Budget Beauty

Maybelline Color Show collection reveals colors straight from the runway and I’m about to share with you on Maybelline Color Show Lip Color. A lipstick that goes on effortlessly on my lips that I never thought I would reach out for it often.
Maybelline Color Show Lip Color in Pink Please

‘A range of the hottest and fashionable lip colors that range from reds to pinks. With colors inspired straight from the fashion shows, Color Show Lip Color offers brilliance and boldness in just one swipe. Your lip color will be the talk of town! Plus, it’s fragrance – which is specially created for the Asian market – is a pampering indulgence each time you apply it on your lips.’Maybelline Color Show Lip Color in Pink Please Close Up

The color of the lipstick is bright and stunning. Just like many of lipsticks, the tip of the lipstick bullet is slanted with sharp tip.

Maybelline Color Show Lip Color in Pink Please Shade

The shade that I have here is in Pink Please. I would have imagine that it could be either sweet pink or bright pink shade.
Maybelline Color Show Lip Color in Pink Please Swatch

The shade turned out to be soft red shade with pink undertone. The scent is really delicious, it carries sweet berry scent and also somehow reminds me the Bubbleyum watermelon bubble gums.Maybelline Color Show Lip Color in Pink Please Ingredients

I’m really thankful where this lipstick does not contain alcohol or paraben, however it does contain silica.

Maybelline Color Show Lip Color in Pink Please Before & After

Here is how it turns out on my lips. It gives a wonderful coverage over my pigmented lips. It also gives quite a shine giving the plumper lips effect.

Maybelline Color Show Lip Color in Pink Please - Traclyn Yeoh

This is on my overall look, I quite like the lipstick and shade. It suits my skin tone very well.

Above all…

I would say if you need a quick and affordable lipstick, this is a must grab. It delivers a pigmented shade that provides a decent coverage, glides on easily and the sharp tip over the lipstick bullet allows precise application. Definitely a plus if you are a fan of berries because this lipstick smells like it! This lipstick however does transfer, intermittently it turns slightly frosty after a couple of drinks.

Price: MYR17.90

Availability: Nationwide leading pharmacies, selected super/hyper market/departmental stores


  • Affordable
  • Pigmented shade
  • Good coverage
  • Glides on easily
  • Precise application
  • High shine for plumper lips effect


  • Transferable
  • Becomes frosty after a few drinks

My Rating: 4/5


~ ♦ ~

This lipstick was provided for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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