Review: Maybelline Pink Alert by Color Sensational, Vibrant, Creamy and Heavily Pigmented Lipstick

Don’t be afraid to wear bold lips occasionally and never underestimate how much attention it draws within the crowd. I must admit that bold lips can be quite a hassle to maintain it if it doesn’t stay. I have tried this lipstick from Maybelline that was sent to me which is Maybelline Pink Alert by Color Sensational Lipstick.

Maybelline Pink Alert by Color Sensational in POW 2 1

‘Consisting of new pink fashion shades, Pink Alert by Color Sensational combines vivid red-based pigments to coat lips with a striking hue. It’s nourishing honey nectar leaves behing a creamy feel so lips don’t look or feel dry. The result is a popping pink shade that is oh-so-pretty and trendy. Available in four gorgeous pink shades.’

Maybelline Pink Alert by Color Sensational in POW 2 Comes with a silver base casing that holds up on the lipstick bullet and transparent pink cover to secure the lipstick. It is very simple, modern and professional.

Maybelline Pink Alert by Color Sensational in POW 2 Swatch

The shade that I was provided is POW2 which is a very bright neon pink. I really wish that they would come out with shade names instead of codes. From the swatch, I’ll be able to tell that the texture is creamy, glides easily and quite heavily pigmented as from the above photo I only layered twice.

Maybelline Pink Alert by Color Sensational in POW 2 Before & After

I love how bright, vibrant the shade is! You can definitely tell from me with and without the lipstick. Just like how the swatch is, it glides on easily, creamy and heavily pigmented. It finishes off with quite a bit of shine.

Maybelline Pink Alert by Color Sensational in POW 2 1 - Traclyn Yeoh

This is how it turns out for me and with just simple makeup, the vibrant shade of the lipstick brighten up my entire look.

Above all…

I love this lipstick! If only it has greater staying power, it will be perfect. I wasn’t expecting it to stay entirely on my lips since it was not promised from the beginning. I tried my best to keep it on such as using straw for drinking and there is a need to touch up after having a meal. I would say when you want to wear bold lips, you need to be hardworking to keep checking and reapply if you need to.

This is a great pay off for a lipstick for it’s texture, opacity, quality and price. While having this lipstick on, I did not feel any dryness for my lips instead it kept them moisturized all the time.

Price: MYR29.90

Weight: 3.9grams

Availability: National leading pharmacies, selected departmental stores, super and hypermarkets.


  • Bright and vibrant shade
  • Creamy and glides easily
  • Heavily pigmented
  • Kept lips moisturised


  • No staying power

My Rating: 4.9/5


~ ♦ ~

This lipstick was provided by Maybelline for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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