Review: Milky Tinting Lips, Peripera Peri’s Tint Milk

Peripera Peri’s Tint Milk is the second item that I chose after the Peri’s Tint Water. You might be wondering what’s the difference between both of them and you’ll find out from this review. Again, I couldn’t resist the cute character designed by Mari Kim, the graphic artist for Peripera and if you’re wondering where this product from, it is from Korea.

The character is different from the tint water, this is with pig-tail red hair girl with lollipop in her hand. The bottle is slightly thinner and taller than the tint water and its made of plastic.

The only description in English from the packaging and there is more at the back but its printed with only Korean.

There are two shades available which is Milky Pink and Milky Peach. The shade that I have chosen is Milky Peach and decided to choose this shade is because my reds are quite pigmented and the tint water is pink. It comes with doe foot applicator.

For Milky Peach, the shade is more of orange tones with pink tint and the texture is thicker than tint water. Yes, indeed is much more creamy or milky, just like the name of the shade.

Using to apply this is different from tint water since the texture is totally different.

  • Step One – Begin with clean bare lips
  • Step Two – Apply directly onto the lips using the doe foot applicator. Spread it evenly onto the lips.
  • Step Three – Done with light glossy finish!

Test on lasting power for a day

  • 8:43AM – Freshly applied milky tint
  • 12:03PM – A quick update before heading for lunch. There is still a tinge more of the tint, at about 10% left.
  • 1:46PM – Reapplied the milky tint after lunch
  • 6:26PM – Still has a little tint to it, at about 10% left.


 This milky tint last longer than the tint water and because I will just need to use only the applicator, that ease the application. I do use straw to drink my water just like how I did for the tint water and this is much more moisturizing. However, the moisture level is not as moisturizing because my lips were quite dry at the end of the day. This tint even last longer than the tint water, there is still remaining tint after 4.5 hours.

Price: MYR29.90

Weight: 8ml

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Watsons

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  • More moisturizing
  • Easier to apply
  • Tint last longer


  • Low moisture level

My rating: 4.3/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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