Review: Natural, Gentle & Lovely Scented Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar

‘Suitable for the most sensitive skin types, even those that are allergic to essential oils. Gently cleans the most sensitive skin. Hydrates, strengthens and protects the skin. Ideal for the most sensitive skin types and for babies from 0 to 6 months.

Beneficial effects: cleanses, soothes, restores & prevents irritations.’ Gamila Secret

Image Courtesy of Gamila Secret

Above image is the full sized of the cleansing bar but I’ll be reviewing the mini bar instead. Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar is a natural handmade soaps that comes with a variety of scents, here I have is the original.

This is the closeup of how the mini bar. You can tell that its handmade especially with Gamila’s name and the carved edges of the bar.

What I like with their packaging is the box with one of the friendliest feature. Having a swift of the bar scent like is the first thing that you would like to know when its scented. There’s a tiny hole on the box which allows you to smell your bar scent. For the original, it smells like spicy lavender.

It has tons of natural ingredients in the bar. All of the ingredients is great for your skin unless you’re allergic to ingredient itself.


I only used this for my body, of course this can be use on face as well as for babies up to 6 months. It doesn’t lather up much foam which I could understand since its all natural. Though it doesn’t foam, it still cleanses very well. I have dry skin for my body, my skin often feel tight and scaly if I don’t apply any body lotion but this soap keeps my skin moisturised very well. It lessen the dryness severity of my skin.


First of all, I love the scent because its very calming and soothing. Another scent that they offer which caught my attention is Creamy Vanilla, I bet that smells heavenly amazing because I love vanilla scent. Since this is a mini bar that I’m using, I thought it couldn’t last long but this last me for a month of twice a day usage. Its pretty pricey for a cleansing bar but if you’re all into natural products, why not give it a try?

Price: MYR66.00(mini), MYR119.00( full sized)

Weight: 30grams(mini), 115grams(full sized)

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Online at Gamila Secret Malaysia

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  • All natural handmade
  • Gives more moisture
  • Soothing and calming scent
  • Long lasting usage


  • Pricey

My rating: 4.8/5


~ ♦ ~

This bar has been provided for review purposes, please refer disclaimer.

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