Review: Not As Watery Shocking But A Decent Refreshing Cleanser

‘SWISS LINE`S NEWEST COLLECTION – It is anticipated that WATER SHOCK will be another trailblazing range from Swiss line. As the only skincare brand to contain the Alpine “Wild Water”, Swiss line has combined the richness of the “Wild Water” brilliantly with ingredients sourced across different continents to deliver products that efficaciously does its function for cleansing, toning and removing make-up and at the same time maximizes the skin’s turn-around action. WATER SHOCK is formulated to be used with Swiss line’s Cell Shock, Force Vitale, Ageless Purity and Anti-Redness collections. Cell Shock White has its own unique cleansers and toners.’ – Swiss Line

‘This invigorating rinse-off gel cleanser foams with water as it deeply cleanses the skin. It is suitable for all skin conditions, except very dry. It contains Lychee extract which provides anti-oxidant action. The formula also contains maximum Lychee extracts from both the peel and the pulp to provide an infusion of Vitamin C which brightens the skin, while the proteolytic enzymes promote natural exfoliation. The cleanser additionally contains Betaine, a plant-based sugar that deeply moisturizes. ‘ – Swiss Line Water Shock Refreshing Foam Cleanser

This cleanser comes in a soft tube of 120ml and the key ingredients of this cleanser is:

  • Alpine Wild Water – helps to strengthen and boost skin metabolism, also detoxifying it which is great for most skin types.
  • Watercress extract – helps to detoxify, regulating moisture balance and producing healthy purified glowing skin.
  • Betaine – deeply moisturize skin
  • Lychee extracts – containce Vitamin C which helps to brighten skin and Proteolytic enzymes for natural exfoliation.

The nozzle is at the base of the tube with a twist cap. Its not very practical as the cleanser texture its a little runny, it tend to get every where all over the twist cap.

Though it is a gel texture cleanser, it is way more runny than I expected. It is almost as runny as  a liquid cleanser and I had to give it a nice shake before dispensing out, just so the gel are all well mixed and not as runny. The scent of the cleanser reminds me of calamine lotion.

The ingredients listing is printed on the box as well.

Here is my journey of a month using this cleanser. On the second week, I started to use my Pretika with this cleanser. Some of the acne spots did faded a little on my cheek area. This cleanser did dry out my cheek and chin area but after 2 weeks the dryness is not as severe because I try to be more hardworking on treating my skin with hydrating mask. My t-zone is less oily and this cleanser did not completely diminish blackheads and acne but it did lessen it slightly.


I did notice that my skin looks healthier and slightly brighten. The dryness around my cheek and chin area was a turn off but my t-zone is well hydrated, totally no drying out. Some part of my skin does looked a little plumped, I’m not sure if I’m getting a little meaty but it sure looks glowing! Its quite pricey for a cleanser but I believe this cleanser is more suitable for normal to combination skin types. I do have combination skin right now but my cheek and chin area is quite sensitive. Also, it does feel refreshing after cleansing.

Price: MYR168.00

Weight: 120ml

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: In selected beauty salon, find out the nearest to you here.


  • Contains natural ingredient extract
  •  Acne spots faded a fair bit
  • T-zone is less oily
  • Lessen acne and blackhead slightly
  • Healthy skin


  • Dries out my cheek and chin area
  • Pricey

My rating: 3.8/5

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This cleanser has been provided for review purposes, kindly refer to disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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