Review: Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10, Even The BF Thinks That I Should Keep Using It

It’s tricky when it comes to hair care. I used to have silky smooth hair when I was younger and now it’s the total opposite. It’s rough, dry and gets tangled easily after all the chemical work that was done on my hair. At most, I would do for my hair is coloring it every few months to cover grey. I was introduced to try Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 and I thought what’s new from them? They have reformulated and brings more protection to the hair.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker

‘Enter Pantene’s Keratin Damage Blocker (KDB) Technology, reformulated into the Pantene Pro-V haircare range of shampoos. KDB Technology actively targets, captures and helps to neutralize excessive oxidative minerals in hair. Instead of waiting for free radicals to be produced before attacking them, Damage Blockers actually help prevent their formation by reducing excessive levels of minerals in hair. Pantene is the first global brand designed to prevent protein erosion by minimizing mineral accumulation in hair.

With continued use, mineral-induced oxidative stress declines, hair’s protein are better preserved and hair condition can improve overtime, ultimately giving you beautiful, radiant and shiny hair. Hair health is improved with every wash with Pantene Pro-V shampoos, now with Keratin Damage Blocker Technology and invisible enemies remain invisible!’

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Shampoo

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo

This is how it looks like for the size 170ml and definitely there is bigger size than this. Shampoo would be my first step of my hair routine and I normally would shampoo my hair everyday. Call me crazy for doing so but I could not bear my oily hair from the humidity and hot weather in my country.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Shampoo Texture

It comes with a flip top for this bottle size and the texture seems a little light but it could lather up easily. A little goes a long way and for this size, it could last up to a month usage for my long hair. I would wish that the flip top would be at the bottom instead because when I’m left with ¹⁄3 of the shampoo, I switch the flip top to face down for easier dispensing.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Conditioner

Just like the shampoo but the flip top is at the bottom which I think is perfect for conditioner because of it’s texture. A bottle of this would also last me a month for my long hair.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Conditioner Texture

Occasionally, I would use the conditioner more for greater boost for my hair since my hair ends gets dry easily. The texture is indeed thick and a little goes a long way.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Conditioner Before & After
Notice that I mentioned I was able to use the range for only a month? Yes, I have tested them for a month and ready to share the results! Previously my hair is lack of shine, limp and dry. After using the range for a month, my hair has greater volume, shine and less dry. It is not perfect but there is improvement.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Conditioner Before & After Hair Ends

Let’s take a closer look to my hair ends. The hair shine definitely quite prominent and looks more healthier. Though I would still get tangles, it is much lesser as to compare than before.

Above all…

I love how my hair felt smoother from the first use! That’s because my hair was quite damaged and dry. I try to avoid doing much chemical work on my hair and the most unavoidable one would be coloring my hair. I would need to maintain it and will need to color it every few months depending on the lasting power. My hair still gets tangled but not as severe as before and there are times, I get really frustrated just to untangle my hair. After this hair care, I would still use hair oil to smoothen my combing.

I believe that Pantene has remain it’s signature scent in all of their hair products which has sweet fruity scent to it. Just from the first wash, the BF noticed the difference and the conversation went on like so.

BF: Did you switch shampoo?
Me: Yes, it’s Pantene that was provided for review. Why?
BF: Ahh…keep using it, it smells good on ya.

Even the BF likes the scent and I’m good with the scent too. I know the conversation may sound like it came off from an advert but trust me, it did happened. This is one encouragement that makes me feel that I should keep using it. Perhaps another type whereby I’m able to retain my hair color longer.

Price: From MYR 9.90 onwards

Availability: all leading retailers nationwide


  • Helps to improve hair condition from the first use
  • Long term result of shinier, smoother and volume hair
  • Less tangles
  • Affordable
  • Sweet attractive fruity scent


  • Does not entirely replenish hair condition

My Rating: 4.9/5


~ ♦ ~

This range was provided by Pantene for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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