Review: Princess Lashes For Volume & Lengthening?

Volume and longer lashes, who doesn’t want it? This mascara is Elianto Princezna Mascara which promises to provide longer and fuller lashes and I received this through WonderBox October 2012. The packaging is very lovely, decorated with roses and butterfly prints around it.

Princezna Mascara gives even sparse, fine lashes volumn and length thanks to its unique Twist Brush for maximum coverage on each and every lash. Plus it’s enriched with vitamin E and protein rich keratin for healthier lashes. – Elianto

This are the description from the box with usage directions, the featured twist brush and ingredients listing.

The actual look of the brush which helps to coat the lashes evenly without clumping it. The formula is pretty rich and wet, I’m a little worried if it weighs down my lashes.

My bad for not curling my lashes properly and I think it’s the new lash curler that I’m using. On the single coat, it  separate lashes well and on double coat, it lift my lashes higher and starts to clump.

Test of Lasting Power

 The duration here is for approximately 9.5 hours and the mascara lasted pretty well on me. It didn’t smudge and it holds on to my lashes as how it looks like when I freshly applied them.


I think this mascara does well for volumizing lashes because my lashes look instantly darker after applying the mascara. For the lengthening is not so much for me but it does have lifting power for the illusion of longer looking lashes. When I wore this mascara, I sneezed on my way out of home and was worried that the mascara prints on my under-eye since the formula is pretty wet but it didn’t! I left my house 5 minutes after the application, so I would give credit for its quick drying.  Removing it is not a problem at all using my cleansing oil and it doesn’t dry out my lashes.

Price: MYR33.00

Weight: 7g

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Elianto stores or Elianto Online

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  • Instant thickening lashes
  • With lifting power
  •  Quick drying
  • No smudging
  • Long lasting
  • Doesn’t dry out lashes


  • Clumps on second coat
  • Contains Paraben

My rating: 4/5


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