Review: Protect & Brighten With Collistar Special Essential White® HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30 But Doesn’t Entirely Prevent Blemishes

Sasa had launched  Collistar Special Essential White® HP range in April 2014. The line has been reformulated to the latest scientific findings promising incredibly clear, radiant and smooth skin without blemishes and imperfections. The new formula is a special mix of vegetable extracts that enhance whitening action and makes skin more radiant and even.

Collistar Essential White Complex® Collistar

Thanks to the combination different active ingredients, this complex carries out a triple whitening and anti-blemish action, putting a complete stop to the skin hyperpigmentation process.

  1. Inhibit and inactivates melanotropin, a molecule that regulates the production of melanin.
  2. Inhibit and inactivates tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the formation of melanin.
  3. Blocks the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to the surface skin cells.

Specially designed for Asian skin types, the ‘Special Essential White® HP’ line is suitable for women that want fair and radiant skin. I was introduced to try Collistar Special Essential White® HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30.

Collistar Special Essential White HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30

‘The light, invisible fluid is immediately absorbed and act as a true protective shield, defending the face from UV rays and, at the same time, ensuring an effective lightening action that brightens the skin while preventing blemishes, thanks to its dual-action formula.

  1. A select pool of chemical and physical filters protect against UVA and UVB rays, which are responsible for the photo-aging of the skin
  2. The combined action of the Essential White Complex and Italian plant extracts leave the skin lighter and radiant, reducing the appearance of blemishes and preventing others from forming.’ – Collistar

Collistar Special Essential White HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30 2

The bottle itself is heavy, I reckon that it is made of glass. The size is about 3 quarter of my palm, therefore it isn’t too big which easily fit into a handbag and being travel friendly. The designation is very simple as it maintains it’s clean image of using white and blue for this range. It comes with SPF30 which I personally think is the minimal protection you need especially when you are in a tropical weather.

Collistar Special Essential White HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30 Pump

It comes with a plastic pump which has the ability to maintain the purity of the product. Also with such pump, it is hygienic, easy to use and less messy.  Throughout my usage, I have yet to face any problem to dispense the product and it was quite smooth sailing.

Collistar Special Essential White HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30 Swatch

The liquid texture is light and runny. After blending over the skin, it leaves quite an obvious shine which definitely got me worried all over because I do not want to kick-start my day to have shiny skin. It has a faint fruity and typical sun block scent, which I do not have any problem with it. The product doesn’t leave any white cast over the skin although my camera captures it after blending it.

Collistar Special Essential White HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30 Ingredients

Here is the ingredients listing for those who is concerned. This product does contain mica, parfum, and silica.

Collistar Special Essential White HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30 Before & After 2

Here is my journey for using it a month. I do noticed that my acne scars did fade away slowly, however it did not stop the acne breakout. As you could see, I was still experiencing some breakouts on week 3 and 4. Also happening at the same time,the other part of my skin does look more translucent over the period of time.

Collistar Special Essential White HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30 Before & After

Here is the comparison of before and after using the product. There are some part of my skin is much more clearer and still facing breakout on the lower part of my face. Overall, my skin does seem brighter as well.

Collistar Special Essential White HP UV Multi-Protection SPF 30 Guarantee Card

In their box, there is a guarantee card included which can be sent to Milano. I do think that this is a good idea for Collistar to monitor their product quality but personally, I think I will not send this since the guarantee doesn’t apply locally. To be able to conduct the guarantee locally will be much convenient.

Above all…

When I received this product, the seal of the box has been cut and the product has been already dispensed before me. If you ever purchase any product, do ensure that it hasn’t been used. I didn’t mind this since it comes in a pump which still maintains the product hygiene.

Upon using this product, I do get the shine as how I tested the product on my hand. It is something that I was not looking forward since I do have combination skin. I counter this matter with my makeup for matte finish. I do think this product is better off for those who has normal to dry skin because after applying it, I do feel that it is quite rich over my skin.

Even so, I do experience the result of the initial function of the product which helps to brighten and protect the skin. However, it did not entirely prevent breakouts but it did help to prevent scar darkening from the previous breakouts. I do think that it is quite pricey for a sun block but it really depends on your lifestyle standards.

Price: MYR 155.00

Weight: 30ml / 1.0 fl. oz

Availability: Selected Sasa outlet throughout Malaysia

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  • Easy to use pump and hygienic
  • Helps to prevent scar darkening
  • Brighten and lightens skin periodically


  • Too rich for combination skin
  • Leaves skin shiny finish
  • Did not entirely prevent blemishes
  • Pricey

My Rating: 4/5


~ ♦ ~

This sunblock was provided by Sasa for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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