Review: Revlon ColorSilk Hair Color, New Improved With 3D Technology For Longer Lasting Color & Smoother Hair

It has been a couple of months that I have lived with light-colored hair. However much I liked it, I have to admit that it requires quite an effort to maintain. With light-colored hair, they seem to look and felt more damaged, dry and brittle. I decided to dark again, not only to consider my mane health but with darker hair, it contrasts and makes my complexion look brighter. I had the chance to get my hands on an upcoming improved home hair dye kit that will be available in-store by July 2014, Revlon ColorSilk Hair Color.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors with 3D Technology

Revlon has improved their existing hair coloring kit with 3D Color Technology that promises the ultimate multidimensional natural richer color.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors Shades There are 13 shades available nationwide and 1 limited shade that will be carried only by Guardian. Of all the shades, which do you think that I have chose?

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown

‘Revlon ColorSilk™ with Revlon 3D Color Technology™ for long lasting, natural looking, multi-dimensional color.

Our Revlon 3D Color Technology™, with a combination of specially blended dyes, conditioners and polymers, delivers natural looking, multi-tonal color from root to tip, not only boosting your hair color but also adding definition and dimensionality.  The result:  completely transformed, natural looking, multifaceted color and shine.

Ammonia-Free Revlon ColorSilk™ is infused with nourishing Silk Proteins that penetrate every strand so that hair looks silky, healthy, shiny and in better condition than before you colored.  It is also enriched with UV Defense to help keep color vibrant, dimensional and true.  ColorSilk delivers beautiful color, silky shiny hair and 100% gray coverage.

  • Ammonia-free
  • With UV defense
  • 100% gray coverage’

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown 2

The new improved formula comes with simple face lift on the packaging. This hair dye kit is perfect for me as I’m looking for something that is less damaging, long lasting and covers grey. What makes a bonus to this hair dye kit is that it is enriched with UV Defense to help to keep the color vibrant and true.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown Shade

Since I’m going darker again, I have selected dark brown. It is the darkest brown shade available. If you ask me, why didn’t I go for black hues? I’m honestly telling you that I’m not ready for it yet. Though I’m determined to go for darker hair, there is still part of me wanting to keep the brown tones.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown 3

At the side of the box described what are the possible outcome of using this shade. I was a little worried because the outcome shade on the box seems to appear slightly lighter than I expected. This is a halal certified hair dye for those who is concern.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown Ingredients

Though it is ammonia free, it does contain hydrogen peroxide. It is found in the Cream Color Developer, an agent that helps to penetrate the color onto each hair strands. Also in general, this hair dye kit contains Paraben and alcohol.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown Coupon

Upon opening the hair dye kit, I was excited to see coupon on the box and after carefully reading it, it is only mean to be redeemed in US only. They do have another new hair dye kit, Revlon Luxurious ColorSilk Buttercream which is available only in US.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown In The Box

In the hair dye kit, there is a color cream developer, an ammonia-free colorant, after color conditioner, manual and a pair of disposable gloves. The disposable gloves are attached to the manual and I recommend to always read the manual before using the kit.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown How To

To prepare the dye is simply easy, just follow these steps.

  1.  Cut of the pointy tip of the cream color developer. Be careful as you cut it, there may be some cream oozes out.
  2. Pour the ammonia-free colorant into cream color developer bottle and secure the bottle tightly.
  3. Wear the disposable gloves and block the pointy tip of the cream color developer bottle. Shake the bottle gently until it is all evenly mixed.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown Non Dripping

What I have used to assist me to color me hair is a hair dye brush which I have bought for the longest time ever. I did this hair coloring job on my own and it isn’t that difficult to use it. Since it is ammonia-free, I love that it smells fruity and no heavy chemical scent. The texture of the cream is not too runny that it sticks very well onto the hair without dripping. However, I did accidentally drip it directly from the bottle onto my feet and the dye stays for few days eventhough I have used soap to clean it off. Could you imagine the staying power of this hair color? For first time users, you may just leave it for 20 minutes and since I’m looking onto grey coverage, it is advised to leave it for 30 minutes. So I did.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown Conditioner

 After 30 minutes, I rinsed off my hair until the water is clear. Without shampooing, I have used the After-Color Conditioner and it may looked just like other ordinary conditioner but I freaking love this! It makes my hair felt so smooth and healthy all over. I then question myself that if only Revlon would produce this conditioner as their hair care products, who knows maybe in the future they will. Pre-caution for those who is scent-sensitive because it has quite a strong scent of jasmine that lingers until the next wash.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown Before & After

 Here is the comparison of my previous and current hair color. Big difference and I love it how dark it appears without looking black. It is slightly uneven on the on the crown area, I believe that is due to the duration difference of color development.

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Colors in Dark Brown Before & After Fadeout

Just to share that I do shampoo my hair everyday. Some of you may think it’s unhealthy but going a day without shampooing my hair in this hot and humid weather just doesn’t work for me.  After a week, I have also compared how well the shade lasted since I wash my hair daily.

Above all…

Way before this, I have used the earlier version of the same Revlon ColorSilk and honestly speaking, I didn’t like it because the color fades away pretty fast and I gave up trying over the same kit. Since that I’ve used the improved formula, I’m impressed and have planned to stock in a few more once it is launched in the stores. It left my hair soft, smooth and less damaged. Not to mention the shade lasted longer than before. The grey coverage is not as perfect but it could cover most of it. I would say give it a try if you’re always coloring your hair.

Retail Price: MYR24.90

Availability: July 2014, all leading pharmacies nationwide, supermarket and selected departmental stores.

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  • Prominent shade
  • No ammonia
  • Less damaging
  • Softer and smoother hair
  • Affordable


  • Grey coverage isn’t perfect

My Rating: 4.9/5


~ ♦ ~

This hair dye was provided by Revlon for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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