Review: RIMMEL 60 Seconds Flash Nail Polish


“60 second quick dry nail polisth, 1 second application. With the Xpress brush™ for 1 second application, dries in less than 60 seconds and picture perfect nail colour in a flash!”

Product has been provided via Yuberactive and the shade given is 430 Coralicious.

When I come across this nail polish, I thought it look familiar… oh yeah, it’s similar to Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color! Again, really for the one coat and dries in a minute?  Hrmph…  *thinking smile*

The Xpress brush™ comes with rounded corners. I really like it so much because this application is extremely less messy. I always get messy when it comes to the side of my nails and this has help to lessen the damage.

This is the freshly painted nails, see how tidy my nail colors can be. It’s the least over-painted of all my self-painted nails. It is true that all you need is just one coat, its quite opaque and gets dry by a minute but it dries just by the surface. You would still want to be careful not to get scratches on your nails. Since it provides such great shine effect, I skipped applying top coat. I blame the lazy me for not applying it because it stained my paperwork whenever my nails brushes against the papers. It looked like lines drawn with pencil colors!

Without top coat the nail polish didn’t last so well, these are my nails after 4 days. It wears off pretty fast than I expected. Oh well I guess part of it, its because it has been contributing on my paperwork. The glossiness wears off by a day too.

I re-painted my nails again and this time I have my top coat on. It turned out to be super shiny! Love it so much!!! The nail polish last so much longer this time, approximately a week.  I love its speedy gonzales drying function, I don’t really have much patience in waiting for them to dry.

This is definitely affordable, it’s only MYR 11.90 and available in Watsons and Guardian local drugstore. I think I will grab more of these.


  • Less messy application with Xpress brush™
  • 1 minute drying
  • Quite opaque
  • Super shiny with top coat
  • Last longer with top coat
  • Affordable


  • Wears off quickly without top coat
  • Stains paperwork without top coat

My rating: 4/5

Traclyn Yeoh

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