Review: Sakura GiftBox Berries Collagen, My Skin Challenge For 28 days

Last month, I was introduced to Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen. They have also given a full size box to me and yes, I have completed my course of 28 days with this supplement. Personally, this is my first time knowing this brand and product. When they say ‘giftbox’, the beauty supplement does come in a box just like a gift.

Sakura GiftBox Berries Collagen

I’m not going to explain all over again about this beauty supplement, please do refer to the link that I have shared above when this was first introduced to me. If you followed me long enough, you would know I’m quite a fan of beauty supplements. Prevention is the key towards aging and to maintain youthful looking skin. Don’t wait till it’s too late to save our skin.

Sakura GiftBox Berries Collagen Description

On one of the sides of the box is printed with the content of the beauty supplement. It is advised to have one sachet a day before breakfast or bed time. I prefer to have it before bed time because our skin drifts into it’s ‘resting time’ where it heals our skin cells better.

Sakura GiftBox Berries Collagen 2

In the box, it contains 28 sachet of the Sakura Giftbox Berries Collagen. I was wondering why 28 sachets, wouldn’t it be better to make it 30 for the ease of monitoring the result? I do find having to check on improvement after 28 days could possibly lead to miscalculation.

Sakura GiftBox Berries Collagen 3

Each sachet comes in stick sachets filled with 15 grams of the powder. Just cut beneath the seal and get the drink prepared. Try not to cut any close to the middle of the sachet because when you dispense the powder off the sachet, it could get messy.

Sakura GiftBox Berries Collagen Preparation

Preparing it is easy, simply pour the powder into a cup filled with room temperature water (recommended at 250ml) and stir it. When drinking it plain like so, it does have fruity berry taste, it wasn’t overly sweet nor it tasted artificial. There are times I added chia seeds or yogurt drink to add more benefit to the drink.

Sakura GiftBox Berries Collagen Before & After

Here is before and after 28 days comparison. It may seem like my skin on the after looks darker, actually I have colored my hair darker and the camera tend to pick up similar darker shade. Although my skin on before looks brighter, my skin on the after definitely look slightly healthier and radiant.

Above all…

While it is hard to witness drastic changes on my skin, I definitely enjoyed the beauty drink very much. The beauty supplement is consumed orally and it does take time to see results because it goes into our body system and any of our body components that surrounds the stomach and intestines will first absorb the goodness before it could reach to our face, hands and legs. I’ll just say my two cent for the 28 days consumption. I do see slight improvement on my face and usually my leg gets dry easily but while I’m consuming this, the dryness is much lesser.

Price: MYR 218.00

Weight: 15grams per sachet

Availability: Selected pharmacies and

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  • Delicious taste
  • Not overly sweet
  • Helps to relief skin dryness
  • Skin is more radiant and healthy


  • Odd numbers of sachets
  • Limited availability
  • Pricey

My Rating:  4/5


~ ♦ ~

This collagen supplement was provided for during Uniqo Tea Party, kindly refer disclaimer.

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