Review: Sephora Ginseng Mask, It’s Medicinal Benefits Heals My Skin & Lessen Skin Redness

Speaking of ginseng, it is very well known for it’s medicinal benefits and nowadays, they are commonly found in cosmetics, skincare and supplements. This time round, I have tried Sephora Ginseng Mask which I’m quite impressed of. Let me just share with you my thoughts on this mask.

Sephora Ginseng Mask

‘A new item in the Made In Sephora range, the Ginseng mask is also one of the best-selling variants in the Sephora Natural Therapy Mask collection. A fibre mask rich with ginseng root extract, it tones and revitalises skin, restoring its suppleness. Ginseng root extract also provides a tightening effect to energise and “re-plump” the complexion. The fibre mask hugs facial contours perfectly ensuring your skin fully absorbs the nutrients from the mask.’

Sephora Ginseng Mask Pack

Sephora Ginseng mask comes in a round card pack and in Sephora, you’ll be able to find a variety of mask like this with different key ingredients. They come in bright colors for it’s packaging and for ginseng, it would be bright yellow. At the back of the mask describes the function and benefits of the mask and it is made in China even Sephora in China has them in store.

Sephora Ginseng Mask Inside

Upon opening the card pack, there is a pocket with an image of the key ingredient where the actual mask pack is placed .

Sephora Ginseng Mask Pack 2

This is how the actual pack look like, behind of it there’s instruction on how to use the sheet mask. Of course, best to use it after you have cleansed your skin.

Sephora Ginseng Mask Close Up

The sheet mask is soaked with adequate essence and I’m amazed that the sheet mask is imprinted with Sephora logo all over it. the next thing that I’m worried if it will imprint over my skin.

Sephora Ginseng Mask How To

To use is really simple, just a few steps would do.

  1. Unfold the mask carefully.
  2. Place the mask over cleansed face.
  3. The mask is stretchable, therefore pull the mask slightly against your face to fit according to your face shape.
  4. Leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes.

Upon using the mask, it has a faint scent of ginseng bitterness which reminded me of how I used to consume bird nest with ginseng in it and rock sugar.  It is yummy and it tingles my tastebuds for this mask scent.

Sephora Ginseng Mask Before & After

After 20 minutes, the immediate effect that I noticed is my skin is much brighter and plumped. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tacky and it allows my skin to absorb my skin care products well. There was no imprints of Sephora logo on my skin at all, I’m relieved!

Above all…

The mask is thick enough to avoid any tear when I was unfolding the mask and I loved how the mask is stretchy that it sort of ‘wraps’ onto my skin. By all means, it fits according to my face shape firmly without any air bubbles trapped. I did sebum extraction a day before and the mask did help to assist in healing my skin because on the next day, I do notice that my skin redness is much lessen. Another bonus point is that it doesn’t leave any stickiness behind after using the mask.

I would say Sephora sheet masks are pretty affordable in terms of price and the results delivered. I’m keen to try more of their mask! If you buy them in bundle, it’s much more valuable.

Price: RM10 – 1 sheet / RM40 – 5 sheets

Availability: Sephora stores


  • Easy to use
  • Stretchy feature fits firmly onto face shape accordingly
  • Does not leave any sticky residue
  • Skin plumped and moisturized
  • Heals skin and lessen redness
  • Affordable


  • None so far!

My Rating: 5/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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