Review: SilkyGirl Big Eye 2in1 Eyeliner, Simply Brightening Eyes But Does It Last?

Creating a big eye effect is not difficult as long as you have a white eyeliner with you. Agree? White eye liner known for one of the versatile make-up where you can use it to highlight all over your face. To make things much more easier, SilkyGirl has a dual eye liner for it and there are three shades to choose from. The shade that I have here is called Blackest Snow, which sounded so dark, mysterious but interesting.

SilkyGirl Big Eye 2in1 Eyeliner 2

SILKYGIRL’s Big Eye 2-in-1 Eyeliner is suitable for all kinds of wear. Whether you prefer a subtle, natural looks for the day or go bold for alluring eyes at night, the Big Eye 2-in-1 Eyeliner is here to give you captivating looks. Its kohl formula means that you can use it solely as eyeliner on your lash lines, or go a step bolder and smudge it to use it as an eye shadow. Available in three colors: If you’re feeling courageous, choose Blackest Snow; go for Brown Milk for an understated look or Blue Ice if you’re feeling adventurous.

Two strokes, twice the intensity
Apart from its kohl formula, the eyeliner is highly pigmented to give off intense colors so that you can electrify your eyes. The soft and creamy texture also means that the colors are easy to blend; while still giving a rich and even payoff. It’s also designed to stay on your eyelids and lash lines for more than six hours; plus it is waterproof and
smudge-proof so you can say goodbye to having panda eyes!

Many ways to captivate
The Big Eye 2-in-1 Eyeliner is more than just an eyeliner. Besides using the liner to make eyes appear bigger, brighter and to uplift droopy eyes, it can also be used to define brows. Simply trace the white liner along the bottom brow line, and blend thoroughly. You can also use the white liner to define your lips’ cupid’s bow by drawing an “M” on the Cupid’s bow itself (outside of the lip line) and blend, before applying your lipcolor.

SilkyGirl Big Eye 2in1 Eyeliner Swatch

The eye liner has a matte finish to it and it will be great for you if you’re not into shimmers. The texture is quite creamy and pigmented, for this swatch I just put on a light pressure on it. Looks very convincing!

SilkyGirl Big Eye 2in1 Eyeliner Application

This is how I use it but you can use it anyhow you want it to. I wanted to achieve a brighten up eyes without looking too tired. What I did was to apply the white eyeliner underneath my brow, inner corners, middle of my eyelid and lower outer corners then blend everything out. Use the black eye liner to redefine my eyes. It looks really natural on me. Though the texture felt creamy from the swatch , I need to blend properly on the white eyeliner because it could look patchy.

SilkyGirl Big Eye 2in1 Eyeliner Lasting Power

Since SilkyGirl claims that this eye liner is waterproof, smudge-proof and could last for more than 6 hours. Here is my test to the staying power at the weather 32 – 36°C.

  • 9:01AM – Freshly applied, just a simple eye makeup.
  • 12:01PM – I notice the winged out disappeared but white eye liner that is blended still looking good.
  • 6:36PM – The black eye liner faded and the white eye liner effect on the inner corners began to fade too.


I love that its convenient to use this as I’m quite a big fan of white eye liner and once I flip over the pencil I get another shade to use. The texture is creamy that it goes on smoothly during application. However, I’m not a fan of wooden eye liners where you need to use the sharpener once it gets blunt, I just prefer retractable more. The eye liner does stay for more than 6 hours and I wore it for 9 hours, it faded very much.

Retail Price: MYR 14.90

Weight: 1.36 grams

Availability: SilkyGirl Store, Watsons, Guardian, Carings, Sasa, major departmental stores and selected pharmacies.

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  • Convenient
  • Creamy for smooth application
  • Pigmented
  • Matte finish
  • Affordable


  • Faded after more than 6 hours

My Rating: 4.5/5


~ ♦ ~

This lip balm has been provided by SilkyGirl for review purposes, kindly review disclaimer.

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