Review: SilkyGirl Lolly Lip Gloss in Toffee Choco, Not So Sticky Lippie!

Lollipop-like lip gloss are getting trendy for makeup brands from Japan or Korea. This simply promotes how lip gloss can be as delicious, I’m not sure about the taste but I’m pretty sure the scent will be. SilkyGirl has their very own lollipop lip gloss too which is known as SilkyGirl Lolly Lip Gloss and the shade that I have here with me is called Toffee Choco, that really sounds delicious!

SilkyGirl Lolly Lip Gloss in Toffee Choco 2

SILKYGIRL’s new and limited edition Lolly Lip Gloss will do just that – it’ll make you fall in love at first sight with its cute lolly-shape and amazing flavors that will give your lips a delicious pout.

Shine away, lips!

Add a little bit of fun to your everyday look with Lolly Lip Gloss, a deliciously flavored color lip gloss to give shine to lips. This lip gloss is designed to keep lips smooth, supple and healthy while providing some high-shine to lips as the gloss will give lips a shimmering, wet-look effect. Choose from Bubblegum Grape, Naked Cola, Candy Strawberry, Toffee Choco or Fresh Orange. 

Literally, the lip gloss does look similar like a lollipop. The packaging does remind me of those lollipop that I ate when I was a child, looks really cute.  From the ingredients listing, there is alcohol, silica, talc and great thing is its Paraben-free!

SilkyGirl Lolly Lip Gloss in Toffee Choco - Applicator & Swatch

It comes with a doe foot applicator and the shade Toffee Choco is a sheer medium mauve shade with fine gold glitters. Something that I noticed on the packaging, because it shapes like a lollipop where its rounded, it doesn’t stand. Since this shade is called Toffee Choco, it doesn’t have that toffee scent but more of a milk chocolate scent. Its totally a yummy scent!

SilkyGirl Lolly Lip Gloss in Toffee Choco - Application

At first I thought the shade might appear too dark for me and I was wrong, it appears really natural on me, gives such an even color and makes my lips looked healthy. The formula is not thick, it feels light even if I press my lips together, its not as sticky.

SilkyGirl Lolly Lip Gloss in Toffee Choco - Lasting Power

I wouldn’t expect for this lip gloss to last long because the texture is light and transferable but I still wanted to show you how far this lip gloss could go.

  • 8:54AM – I freshly applied it, love how healthy it makes my lips.
  • 11:34AM – Sipping on my morning green tea and before heading to lunch. The lip gloss looks like a lip balm on my lips.
  • 1:17PM – Just got back from lunch, there’s no more lip gloss and I re-applied right after.
  • 6:54PM – I did snacked a little but there is still a thin layer of the lip gloss.


I like this lip gloss! Not just because that it looks cute but I’m loving the light and non-sticky texture. Although it doesn’t last long, we all know that lip gloss doesn’t have much of a staying power. It also made my lips looking healthy and keeping my lips well moisturized.  I can be very lazy on re-applying lip gloss but I don’t mind for this, plus it does have a decent chocolate sweet scent.

Retail Price: MYR 17.90

Weight: 50ml

Availability: Watsons, Guardian, Carings, Sasa, major departmental stores and selected pharmacies.


  • Light and non-sticky texture
  • Cute lollipop design
  • Healthy looking lips
  • Moisturizing


  • Doesn’t stand on its own
  • Doesn’t last

My Rating: 4.5/5

~ ♦ ~

This lip gloss was provided by SilkyGirl for review purposes, kindly refer to disclaimer.


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