Review: Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask

This Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask was included in Vanity Trove March 2013 and was the one and only full sized product. What attracted me the most that is the key ingredient which is orchid extract. It uses orchid roots to be exact and it contains anti-aging properties that helps to slow down aging.

Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask 2

The packaging looks really exclusive and this mask comes from Taiwan. Valid for 3 years from manufacturing date, Paraben-free and Halal certified. Its quite a weight there, 30ml or 1fl.oz.

Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask - Description

This mask has been categorized as their brightening series from their mask.  In their description doesn’t seem to explain much about it but it hydrates, locks moisture, smoother finer, glowing and radiant skin. From the ingredient’s listing, this mask is indeed Paraben free.

Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask - How To - Application

This mask is similar with 3D masks, I have reviewed one 3D mask before here. Let me show you how to use this mask.

  1. Unfold the mask and rest it onto cleansed and toned face.
  2. Pull the loop at each sides of the mask and hook it over the ear.
  3. Pull the loop from the under chin area and hook it over the ear.
  4. Rest yourself for 20 minutes then remove.

The mask has an interesting checker texture which I’m not too sure the reason behind it but it does look fancy.

Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask - Before & After

I forgot to take a before and after of how it turns out on my face but only got some readings from my BIA Skin Analyzer. It did showed improvements, my skin is much more moisturised and softer after using the mask at the same time lowers the skin oiliness.


This mask wraps around my face pretty well as it didn’t really slip off and has quite a bit of the essence. I think I left it for 30 minutes and it only began to dry. Although my skin feels softer, plumped and moisturised, I still think that this mask is better off for normal to dry skin types because my skin is much oilier the next day. It doesn’t have much brightening effect for trying only this one sheet.

Price: MYR10.00

Weight: 30ml/ 1fl.oz

Availability: Timeless Truth E-store

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  • Hydrates and plumps skin
  • Softer skin


  • Too rich for combination to oily skin

My Rating: 4/5


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