Review: Water Tinting Lips Like Juice? It’s Peripera Peri’s Tint Water

Ever since I have discovered Peripera in Watsons about 3 weeks ago, I thought I would want to give this a try especially when the packaging is awesomely cute! I understand that this makeup is from Korea and the price wise is quite affordable. The cute characters on the packaging was the artwork by Mari Kim (마리킴), an graphic artist for Peripera. One of the items that attracted me to try and review it is Peripera Peri’s Tint Water.

Looking at the packaging, tell me how could you resist it? I’m such a loser at this but I really wanted to try lip tints. I would say the lip tint comes in a stubby bottle, like nail polishes and if you owned Benetint, you might find similarity of it.

The only English description of the tint is right at the front of the packaging and the back is all in Korean which I don’t understand. I tried looking through their website with Google Translate but I can’t find in-depth details, they are mainly images which is also in Korean.

This tint comes in three shades which is Cherry Juice, Pink Juice and Orange Juice. I decided to pick Pink Juice because my lips are quite pigmented and dull. With stubby bottle, it comes with doe foot applicator.

Pink Juice might look really red from the outside of the bottle and before blending it, it looks very much like blood huh? Right after blending it, it gives a very subtle natural pink tint.

This is how I would apply it and I believe is great for those who have pale lips.

  • Step One – Begin with clean bare lips
  • Step Two – Dab on Peri’s Water Tint sparingly
  • Step Three – Blend quickly with fingers. Apply more tint if needed
  • Step Four – Done with tinted lips!

Step three is fairly important because it tints very quickly but if it tints unevenly, you could still apply more on the gaps. It has a very sweet scent to it and I accidentally licked my lips for a bit, it tasted bitter. It doesn’t feel heavy, very like just like water.

Test on the lasting power on a day

  • 8:46AM – Freshly applied lip tint
  • 12:06PM – Wears off almost completely, there a little more tint on the inner lips
  • 4:01PM – Reapply lip tint
  • 6:18PM – The tint faded by half


I really wish that it lasted longer and you probably think because it wears off faster when I drink my water. No, I drank my water with straw on that day and yes, even just plain water. The lasting power lasted approximately 3.5 hours. To wear the tint alone, it can be quite drying.  I didn’t want to apply lip balm because I wanted to test the moisture level too. Maybe with lip balm over, it last longer and more moisturizing? Personally, I don’t mind reapplying but it can be quite a hassle because lip tints usually last far longer. The color is buildable and it can also be used as blusher.

Price: MYR29.90

Weight: 6.5ml

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Watsons

Peripera Malaysia is available in Facebook, show some love by liking them below!


  • Cute characters on the packaging
  • Natural pink tint
  • Buildable tint
  • Can be used as blusher
  • Light texture


  • Lasted at approximately 3.5 hours only
  • Low moisture level
  • Bitter taste

My rating: 4/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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