I was so excited when Woopz Bikini and Beachwear contacted me to review one of their bikini. They came in the right time as I was desperately looking for affordable bikinis with assured quality. I’m very lucky in this sense and I get to select my own bikini.

Image Courtesy of Woopz Bikini & Beachwear

Their website is very informative as they have guides in selecting your bikini or beach wear according to your body shape, what you wear will help to flatter certain features of your body and different techniques of wearing your bikini in different ways. Their website is so colorful with the multiple bright happy colors of their bikinis. After much browsing, I have finally come to the decision in selecting this Turqoise Stripes Halter Bikini and it’s really affordable! Bikinis can be really expensive in the retail stores.

The package arrived a day after I have selected my bikini. The box and the brown paper was stamped with Woopz logo. It was also tied with a red wool thread around the brown paper, I forgotten where it went. Even at the simplest package, I find that they did a neat job in packaging it. Great job!

The bikini looks exactly like how it looked like from the website. The colors and shape, everything is just so pretty. In some online shops, their image can be inaccurate. I’m really impressed that this bikini wasn’t out of shape at all.

It’s made of 80% of polyamide, 20% elastane and was made in Thailand. The fabric quality is very good, it’s thick enough that you can tell it’s great quality. Of course, there is padding for the upper bikini and I would say the padding is thick enough (approximately 4mm) to cover your breast and no nipple flashes at all plus its removable. For the inner bottom bikini, the protective cloth goes half way through in the middle.

I love the quality of the seams and look at all the close ups, the seams are so neat. When I wore this, I was skeptical if the seams are going to break off because I re-tied by bikini several times. I felt a little insecure because some part seems to be a little loose for me, however the bottom piece is a little small. I blame my huge bum for that, it felt like as though I was wearing micro bikini.

Although I felt insecure while swimming with it, it didn’t fall off at all. I could feel my top bikini flapped a bit at the sides while I’m swimming but it’s all good and comfortable. There is no discoloration from washing it. What more can I say, I’m really impressed just from the first wear! I highly recommend purchasing from them, do support and get the latest update from Woopz Bikini and Beachwear by clicking the like below.

They are shipping within Malaysia and Singapore~


  • Great accuracy from web image with real product
  • Bikini in great shape from the package
  • Thick padding
  • High quality seams


  • Bottom bikini a little small for my bum

My rating : 4.9/5

~ ♦ ~

This product has been provided for review purposes. Please refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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