Romantic Side Sweep Curls Hair Tutorial

To be honest, I suck at hair styling which is the reason why I have not made any hair tutorials. I thought this would be a great try and actually this hairstyle reminds me a lot of Girl’s Generation TTS Twinkle music video. If you compare both, they look very similar. This is my first official hair tutorial, all these while I have included hair tutorial along in the makeup tutorials. Please enjoy Romantic Side Sweep Curls Hair Tutorial!

This hair style might seem difficult to do but its not until you’ve watch the tutorial yea? I have fine yet heavy weighted hair, I usually need more volume on the sides.

Romantic Side Sweep Curls 2

This hairstyle embraces large soft curls portraying the elegance and feminine of the look. It goes great for dinners, gala night, proms or date night!


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Traclyn Yeoh
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    • I think it’s approximately 20 minutes. Me too, its a dress actually and looks very Victorian-like.

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