Sailor Nails Tutorial

Since its all about the summer vibe now, I couldn’t help to think of the wind and beach. A great place to unwind which inspires me to create this nails. We all now how sailors are all dressed in their white uniform with blue stripes and red scarfs. Not going to babble more, please enjoy the Sailor Nails tutorial!

Sailor Nails Tutorial - What You'll Need

What you’ll need is,

  1. Top coat
  2. Base coat
  3. White nail polish
  4. Blue nail polish
  5. Shiny red and blue tape
  6. Tiny brush

Sailor Nails Tutorial - Before Applying

Before I start on the nail art, I stuck the tapes onto my cutting board and cut them into tiny stripes with my rotating cutter. If you happen to have nail striping tape like this, it would be much easier and you can skip this step.

Sailor Nails Tutorial - How To

  1. Protect your nail bed by applying base coat
  2. Apply white nail polish as a base color and allow it to dry completely
  3. Carefully using a tweezer ,  place the tape over the nail and snip off the excess.
  4. Try something fancy by drawing an anchor on one of your nails.
  5. Protect the nail art by applying a top coat, allow it to dry and DONE!

Sailor Nails Tutorial - Left Hand

I accidentally smudged on my anchor, I wasn’t aware that it was yet to dry. If you happen to cut the tape like I do, try to cut them thinly or you’ll end up like mine with limited space to place the tape.

Sailor Nails Tutorial - Right Hand

Here is my right hand where my nails are fully on stripe design. I thought these nails are simple and fancy at the same time. If you happen to try this remember to share it with me and good luck!


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