Mum is No Longer in Hospital

Last week I have been busy visiting my mum everyday ever since she has been admitted to hospital. I haven’t been really updating much since then but recently I’m back again. She has been discharge on 7th April, exactly on my birthday. I tried bringing my laptop there but ended with my brother using it. Hey don’t be surprise, there’s Wi-Fi service in all wards. What happened to my mum exactly?

She usually prepared hot water for overnight soak laundries. She didn’t want to use the washing machine as it consumes too much electricity and water. One late evening, she accidentally tripped over the wooden slipper in the bathroom and fell into the basin of hot water. She screamed and quickly poured cold water all over her legs. I was there as soon as I heard her screams, helping to splash cold water over her legs. The next day blisters raised and went to see  my family doctor. However, the pain did not go off and finally decided to admit herself into hospital. Thanks to Jowie for being there for me all the time. I told him I might be the cause of all this bringing bad luck to my mum because there was once I came back during my university semester break and my mum fell ill with dengue fever no longer after I came back. I teared but Jowie comforted me well. She was in pain for a couple of days then recover quite fast after a minor surgery.

It’s not always too bored around the hospital, I helped mum when she is walking in pain, chat, watching television and photographing around. For one moment, forget all the fuss around you and embrace yourself into this beautiful and lovely scenery.

Thanks for everyone’s concern about my mum. Now, she is able to walk freely but her skin has not fully recovered and could not walk too long. She would still need to refrain herself from eating certain food especially seafood. However, the hospital team has came out with lots of unnecessary charges like full health check up, body imaging, unnecessary medications and etc. She is covered by her health insurance but certain payments are not covered by insurance and that certain payment build up to RM600+. She will need to go for a check up next week on Tuesday and will try to discuss with the doctor about this issue.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. hey girl
    im glad your mum is now feeling better
    dont blame yourself.
    its just an illusion your mind created because you paired it with the bad thing that happened
    its just a coincidence.

    what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger 😉

  2. glad that yr mom has been discharged. there is nothing like ‘bad luck to whoever’, it is just co-incidence. once my sister splash boiling water onto her chest when she was 4 or 5 year old. she was screaming and crying the hell out of her. 🙁 luckily her skin has totally recovered now (she is 19 now)

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