Yet Another Hot Spring!

Today I will bring you a new place to relax! Let me introduce you, Batu 16 Dusun Tua Hot Spring.

It’s located in Ampang. It’s quite a secluded area. There are many Muslims around the area.

For those who are interested, I have provided you a map so you may locate how to go to the place. On the map with the label A, is where the hot spring is.

The management of the hot spring area separates it into two different section for men and ladies.

Such a dodgy walkway to go to the ladies section. They don’t even have a pathway at all.

Remember to read the reminder and information before you use enjoy the hot spring water. Let me translate it for you. I will try my best because I can’t see all of it.


  • Please do not soak legs into the pool, use the scoop and pail has been provided
  • Please do not wear revealing clothing
  • Please do not take away the belongings from the hot spring area (scoop, pail, etc..)

(I can’t see the rest)


  • Soaking leg into the pool in prohibited
  • Please use the scoop and pail to bathe
  • Cover up while bathing

The hot spring pool looks like this. If you bring any children around, please watch on them. You don’t hear any screams from the children from burns.

The lady in front of me is like resistant to heat. Imagine I was sitting next to the pond and sweating. she kept pouring the hot spring water over the body instantly. I heard from her that she has skin allergies and hot spring water helps to calm her skin a lot. The water is hot enough to even cook eggs.

Some Muslim ladies were chit chatting. The hot spring water was too hot, I can barely even soak my feet! The hot spring water is so hot that I notice there are steam coming out.

I peeped over the boy’s side. Enjoying their hot spring water. Back, is Melvin and front is Jowie and Joe Keen.

Later about about an hour or two, we head back!

On the way back, it’s hard not to miss the sunset. It was really one beautiful one.I can’t help it but to capture those beautiful scenery and share it with everyone. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. hmm that’s interesting.. i thought people sit inside the spring..=T this is the opposite!! you sit outside and scoop water down.  I bet it helps keep the spring sanitary though. 

  2. hmm. i also wanna go hot spring la.
    my legs.
    i heard they help alot.
    scrubbing too. 🙁
    but i dont know how to go la.

    btw where’s the nearest hot spring to my place.
    any ideas?
    i heard of places in cheras and ipoh only

  3. @mylilmei – Yeah, it’s very clean this way rather than massive people soaking into one hot spring. You’ll never know what others bring into the pool. Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you around more often!

    @LyNn – I have only found two spots so far. My cracked heels isn’t that bad after the hot spring soaking. You might want to try them. A lot of people come from different place to try hot spring waters, some came all the way from PJ. If you want I can bring you there when you visiting KL. Make use of your holidays!

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