Everyone Can Konad Stamp!

Ever since having Konad Stamping set (given by Elyn, thanks again!), I wanted to explore on the easy nail decorations. Konad Stamping looked so easy and initially I was told that only the Konad Special Nail Polish would work with the stamping. So I did purchase one and that cost like RM16 for 10ml only. That’s expensive actually but it turn out as I expected it to be, therefore seldom touch it from then.  Until lately, Lynn and I were chatting about it because she just purchase her own set. She told me one of her reader claim that Elianto nail polish worked too. I was surprised and I tried it again, it works! But there’s a trick along on making it to work and it made all my nail polishes worked.

So, I’m taking my words back on the Etude House SA. Etude House Petit Darling Nail worked very well. I also realise that the thicker the nail polish, the stamping work better. For those who bought new nail polishes, the image printed might not be as solid as you think although it worked. After some time when the nail polish has oxidize a little and become thicker, it will eventually be a good nail polish for stamping.

For this, I think everyone can have their own Konad Stamping set. Just get the scraper, stamp and image plate would do and you get to play around with it without worrying on spending on the special nail polish anymore. Oh by the way, I think using this tips the stamp might deteriorate. Just get a replacement is better than spending on the special nail polish.

Don’t forget that the Konad Stamping also work on to decorate other things too!

Hope everyone enjoys this discovery and good luck!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. thanks for sharing this tip
    honestly i always wanted a konad and it has been the top wanted item in my wishlist
    but what put me off is the idea of putting my current regular nail polish to waste
    because you found this technique
    now i don’t feel so wasteful anymore 😀

  2. @soniality – I had the same thought too! Now, I love Konad.Easily have beautiful nails without much hassle.

    @Got_Takoyaki – Yeah, I think so too. I’m little left out on this. Just get the basics of Konad and use any nail polishes!

    @LyNn – No problem, thanks to you made me to try on this again and made everything worked like wonders. Enjoy your Konad set ya!

  3. konad I saw their site got polish and top coat for nail colors, what is that? lol… I thought nail color is nail color la.. why got top coat some more.

    another question is it must use only konad polish only work?

  4. @topremier – Top coat is to protect, even out and make your nail designs to last longer. From my video and the entry, I think I clearly mention that this tips work with ordinary nail polish.

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  6. @obsnike – I appreciate that you visited my blog and the luck but I hope you could stop spamming comments in my blog with the same words and Nike/Jordan links.

  7. Decoration in nails is something that is in style nowadays, I agree that women have natural nails, I disagree the idea that fake nails are still used for some women, I have seen different types of decoration, I saw a girl’s nails, she had a drawing of a Cheap Viagra painted on the surface of every nail.

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