CLEO Malaysia August 2009

I’ve cut out on Female magazine. Why? First, they cost RM8 and it’s expensive because nothing much I could get out of it. Second, more advertisements and mostly are the same with CLEO. Third, getting boring and not much of fun out of it (no freebies to collect , I rather save for Shout because they come with freebies all the time). I wanted to buy Vivi introduced by JeanJean but it cost like RM9 and I went to the bookstore today to have a look on it. It was all sealed and I don’t know how much of the content I would like from it plus it’s a chinese-printed magazine( it’s actually japanese magazine). Sadly, I can’t read chinese, I can only speak the dialects. Alright back on the updates for next month from CLEO.

CLEO August 2009 comes with a free gift fo Clairol Herbal Esences Long Term Relationship Conditioner for Long Hair. It just came in time, I needed a hair conditioner and the rasberry smell is so yummy!

1. Shiseido Maquillage – The 2009 Collaboration with Alexander Wang
2. Revlon Matte
3. L’oreal Glam Rose -Available in 5 shades tailor-made for Asian complexions ( It’s already available now)
4. Origins Skincare Sample Redemption
5. Shiseido Skincare or Makeup Sample Redemption
6. The Body Shop Tea Tree Range Promotion Coupons

7. Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Foundation Full Coverage Powder – Available in 4 shades: 02 Nude Beige, 03 Natural, 04 Honey, 05 Sand Beige
8. Silkygirl Magic BB Cream – Available in 01 Natural, 02 Radiant (It’s already available -Look out on Lynn’s info search and JeanJean’s Swatches)
9. Lip Ice Sheer Color Lipbalm by Mentholatum

I’ve went to collect my Shiseido samples today and you get to choose skincare or makeup, you just have to tell them. I already gave out their skincare samples as part of my contest, so I had enough of it. I don’t use them either. I requested for makeup samples and they don’t only gave one item but I receive three of it. Will post about it soon.

*This offers are are only available on CLEO Malaysia Edition.

Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. I’ll check my bookstores. Even if I cant get the stuff, I can read the mags. I was pissed to find that one mag you talked about but some tards ripped out the samples. Gosh, the mag was only $5. Cheapos…LOL


    P.S: Have you tried Aveeno’s shampoos & conditioners? I’m gonna do it tomorrow. I have to wash my hair again because this balm I put in made my hair all waxy & funny. I needed something else but I ran out so I have to buy it tomorrow. I got the hair samples from walmart so I’ll try it. If it’s good, I’ll buy it.

  2. ViVi is a real nice magazine. FUll of beauty tips and makeup tips. You don’t really have to know how to read it because there’s so many pictures with the instructions, haha. I’d say its a real nice magazine to buy as well as Maquia. 🙂 I heard SilkyGirl BB Cream was pretty good.

  3. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Haha, it’s Shout Magazine. Still ripped? Don’t they have any copies which is not ‘ripped’? I just use anti-dandruff shampoos dear. I hate when hair products gives waxy feeling, felt so uncomfortable.

    @Dee – Yeah, I heard it too. I’m not really sure to invest on it because it’s pretty expensive here. For me especially. RM9 for a rather thin magazine and I’m not sure how much of the content is usable. Not many likes Silkygirl BB especially when they came in small tubes and it’s quite expensive for it’s price but affordable compared to other brands available here. They came in only two shades which one accomodates yellow skin undertone and one pink skin undertone.

    @LyNn – That’s why! Since Vivi is from Japan, why they translate it to chinese?? Why not English? Dang~

    @JeSs_jAsS_WaNg – I really appreciate that you stopped by but if you read my post above, I said I couldn’t read chinese. I can’t understand a thing other than your friendster link and the prices quote.

  4. @voguefemme – I know what you mean. I just washed my hair & it took FOREVER to get that gunk out! Ick! I got a new thing from the same line I use. This leave in conditioner you can use everyday. I’m going to put in it after my hair dries a bit.

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