Great Shopping Deal Episode 15

Yesterday I have managed to stop by Daiso for just 10 minutes before closing and took all this.

From left to right:

  1. High Curling Mascara in Black – raved by the local beauty bloggers
  2. Color Series Eyebrow and Eyeliner Pencil in Black
  3. Dial Concealer (shades can be identified through it’s color strip, mine is green) – I was totally impressed
  4. Princess Lip Gloss – Love it so much!

I still can’t get enough of Daiso yet! Can’t wait for the next trip there. Everything shown was just RM5.

Oh, I’ve spotted something new from Nivea in last two day’s newspapers. It’s the collaboration between Nivea and the French lingerie designer, Chantal Thomass for a boudoir-theme line with eight lipsticks, six eyeshadows and two blushes.  The line will be available for a year from July in 16 European countries. I hope that it’s not too expensive. I have not see them existed on the cosmetic shelfs here yet. Have you spotted them?

Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. It figures that Europeans would get it first. Haha. That red lipstick looks good in the paper!

    Not a bad Haul, Traclyn! For $20 you got basic necessities! I was looking to get some new make up yesterday with my store certificate but couldnt find anything so I ended up using it to buy Glamour & some chips. The baked ones, so I dont feel guilty. LOL. I LOVE those beauty & fashion mags but my God they’re so expensive!! I usually buy one when I have extra money to spend & I save them. I have some that are like 2+ years old but make up & fashion never go out of style, so yeah. What I cant afford, I look for cheap. Designers make all the same things, you pay mostly for a name. I’ve been to Nordstrom’s & seen the SAME style of clothes my store sells! Plus when we go on road trips, I have reading material.


  2. Oh gosh! I went crazy that day when I went to Daiso for the first time! Too bad managed to spend only 40 minutes to browse around. That’s because my mom was already making sour face waiting for me. Can you help me purchase some stuff when you go there again? 

  3. finally nivea gonna launch cosmetics
    how’s the concealer and the lip gloss?
    i really need a transparent lip gloss
    might be getting elf one kua
    glad you finally got the mascara
    mine is brown packaging thou not green

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Of course, since Nivea’s from there. I really hope that it’s not too expensive because I’ve started to love the blusher packaging (corset image). Do realize that girls always get swayed from what they really wanted to buy sometimes? It seems to happen to all the time. Haha! Imagine I was in Daiso for 10 minutes there and manage to grab the things that I want. Imagine if I spend more time there?

    @addy – I can help if I happen to be there. I might be around there again like next 2 weeks. How do you want me to pass it to you? Oh there’s one more Daiso at 101 Mall.

    @LyNn – Can’t wait for it to be around though but I think they’ll be here late for sure. You know, Malaysia always gets the good stuff so slow. The concealer is treating me good. I know Plue didn’t really like the concealer but I find the concealer is not too bad. It’s handy and coverage is not too bad. Make sure to pick the right shade. Plue picked a shade too light for her. I’m loving the lip gloss. It’s not really sticky and cherry smell. So far it doesn’t give me any problem yet. I tried to avoid the honey lipgloss you reviewed. I think the mascara has different packaging. Even the sponge cleanser I saw, now came in English version.

  5. Oh thanks Traclyn! IOI Mall is still quite far from me >.<
    Too bad for that. Is it ok to COD or via postage for you??

  6. @addy – No problem girl, I think I might be there next week? Not too sure yet. Where is your location? I can COD around Bukit Bintang. Posting would alright with me too just that there will be extra charges those. What did you want from Daiso?

  7. Wow! I love the mascara too. Mine is the straight brush though. (long and curl) Yours says “volumizing” on the package. How does it perform? 🙂

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