Stay Fresh During Your Vacation and Enjoy Shopping!

This tutorial is guide on how to get a fresh look on a sunny vacation like mine in Singapore. The recording took place in my hotel room. It was a budget hotel but I wasn’t really fussy about hotels. As long as their facilities are not broken and I get to have my beauty sleep.

Items Used:

  1. OXY UV Tinted Protector SPF50 PA++
  2. Maybelline WhiteStay UV Moose Foundation SPF24 PA++
  3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick in 02
  4. Garnier Light Compact in 02 Natural
  5. Elianto Ultra Smooth Blusher in 01 Soft Pink
  6. Daiso Peach Powder Spray


  1. Daiso Auto Eye Brow Pencil
  2. Eyeko Mascara in Black


  1. Rimmel London Vinyl Lip Gloss in 122 Read My Lips

Where to get some beauty buys in Singapore?

This is just my tips going around Singapore. You may travel around with their train, known as MRT or buses or cabs. If you enjoy walking, just walk by the pathway and don’t forget to abide by the jay walking rules. Some malls are just nearby or next to each other, so you don’t need to worry about the walking distance. Shopping in Singapore can be costly compared to Malaysia, but the products availability is different. Famous places to go for shopping are in Orchard Road and Bugis Junction.

Watsons and Guardian are available as a local drugstore just like how it is in Malaysia. They do carry some brands that isn’t available here. Watsons carries Hello Kitty, Bourjois and K-Palette, meanwhile Guardian carries L.A Girls, NYX (selected outlets only) and Beauty Credit in their store. Malaysia has Beauty Credit but it’s a store itself not carried by any other outlets.  Existing brand like Maybelline has new product like gel liner has not arrived here.

Sasa is another beauty stop where they offer some brands that Malaysia Sasa don’t have like Sana and ELF (limited products with no studio line range). ELF and NYX over there is considered more pricey than on-going sprees available in Malaysia. Another location I would like to pin on is, Stardust. My eyes were oggling out when I stop by the store. There are so many exciting brands but they were too costly for me. I was too excited till I have forgotten to take a picture of the store but don’t worry. I found a site that has details on it, Stardust by John Little – What’s on the Counters? There’s brand like Do-Best, Kiss Me, Kawaii Tokyo, Lioele, Milani and many more. It was a very interesting store.

Last place that I have stopped is Daiso with everything for SGD2. I consider this as extremely cheap (even if I have converted it into RM) because they carry food products in too.I went to the one in Plaza Singapura and I was enjoying it so much. They have more products on home deco, stationery, kitchen appliances and gardening products. They have lesser products on cosmetics and toys.

Almost forgotten the last spot, Sephora. Again, I have forgotten to take a picture of the store but I have a link about it, Sephora opens in Singapore. Basically, I think whatever you can find from Sephora website you may get it in the stores too? Maybe I’m not too sure.  Everything is quite pricey to me but I like the store a lot. I saw Too Faced, Pop Beauty, and many more. But Urban Decay and NARS wasn’t around.

What are my shopping damages?

I just bought a couple of stuff. Still watching on my expenses. Some of the stuff like drinks from Daiso is not in the picture. My bf and I drank it already . Anyways, let’s have a look.

  1. Cotton On Kelis Singlet in Jewel Purple (the brand that I missed so much!) for SGD5 from Cotton On from Wisma Atria, Orchard Road.
  2. Ready to eat scallops for SGD18 from some dried seafood grocer in somewhere of Bugis Street.
  3. Eva Figurine Keychain (from Wall-E) capsule for SGD2 (It was from a capsule machine and I wanted Eva so much. It did came to me~) from some capsule shop in Plaza Singapura, Orchard Road.
  4. L.A. Girl Platinum Collection Moisturizing Formula Lip Gloss for SGD6.44 from Guardian in Wisma Atria, Orchard Road.
  5. L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup for SGD14.35 from BHG in Bugis Junction.
  6. Wasabi in tube for SGD2 from Daiso, Plaza Singapura.
  7. Ellefar Multi-cheek for SGD2 from Daiso, Plaza Singapura.
  8. Style Vivant Dust Box for SGD2 from Daiso, Plaza Singapura.
  9. Reed Diffuser in Rose for SGD2 from Daiso, Plaza Singapura [WISHLIST GRANTED ALERT!] Although it’s not Japanese Cherry Blossom from The Body Shop, I’m still happy with it.
  10. Etude House Fluffy Ball Pen for FREE from Etude House, Plaza Singapura

I figured maybe the girls want to have a closer look on the beauty stuff.

  1. Etude House Fluffy Ball Pen was given free to anybody who enters the shop. I heard Etude House is pretty new in Singapore and it’s koreans actually opens the store there (I heard the people in the cashier speaks korean to the guest-door-welcoming guy.
  2. Ellefar Multi-Cheek in Orange from Daiso. This blusher is totally out in Daiso Malaysia. I have two pieces here, one is for me and one is for Lynn. ( I know you wanted other shade but only orange and brown available.)
  3. L.A. Girl Platinum Collection Moisturizing Formula Lip Gloss in LG873 Beige Delight, is perfect with how I want the color to be. It’s completely in nude color.
  4. L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup in LM960 Warm Bronze is really good that it stays matte when I tried it but I picked the wrong shade, a little darker. I shall figure out to fix this.Guess that I need to be more careful to pick on foundation shade, its getting tough.

Not much of a beauty ransack because most of them are expensive than sprees. Anybody want to add into where to go about for shopping in Singapore?

I hope everyone enjoy and have fun with the tutorial and shopping info!

Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. Awww! You have such a nice happy voice! ^^

    You did some good shopping. I’ve wanted to see Singapore after I watched a drama show from there. It was called Bu Bu Wei Ying (Out to Win). Ever since I found the song they used for the theme, I’ve been blasting it. It took me YEARS to find. LOL Here it is if you wanna hear it:

    That’s why I hate buying liquid foundation. It’s so pigmented that it looks correct in the bottle but when you put it on, it’s the wrong shade. That’s what happened to me with Covergirl. In the Clean powder, I’m Classic Tan but when I got the liquid form, it was too light. I need the next shade up but the store never has it….It wasnt a huge loss though, the stuff is only $5. The Sally Hansen stuff I got is MUCH better & my shade is always in stock! ^^ Do you have that brand over there?


  2. i didnt know there’s etude house in singapore, will drop by there when free.

    i shop online often and orchard is always packed with people that i dont really like it.

    haa, hear from you soon 🙂

  3. Great video! Ur hotel room? Can see the tv behind and people walking past! HAHAH, any pix on ur trip?

    Great tips on the make up as usual =)

    And this is my response to ur comment in my blog:


    wowww, u thought of something for me?! =) Thanks!!! Sure BB area is fine with me. No
    prob, reschedule la. Not sure when, I’ll call/sms u/facebook/drop u a
    comment, technology has given us so many options! HAAHAH

  4. LOL the wasabi is so random! i was quite a frequent of singapore last time when i was still studying, i think i went last year and had quite some good finds from tangs (bugis), watsons (takashimaya) and john litttle. plenty of gems there.

  5. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Haha, you think? I don’t do any voice recording in my videos thinking that I have such a childish voice. If I happen to do voice recording separately from the video, it would be just like Michelle Phan’s. I don’t want her to sue me >.<. Oh, the song sounds not too bad. If you do have a chance to travel, just go ahead. I always encourage people to travel. It’s always fun and adventurous. How I’d wish there’s Sally Hansen cosmetics here but only the nail stuff is available. They don’t even have the lip plumping range at all.

    @soniality – I heard that they are new. It’s a small shop. I was just walking around and happen to be there coincidentally. Hope you enjoy your trip there.

    @bay_bee_tea – Haha, the people is my bf and his brother. We were sharing a room.  I went to Singapore before I head back here from Australia, it was less shopping there but visiting places of interest. Here’s the link, Singapore. For food pictures, will be up soon.  About the outing, I thought of something but you need to tell me what you need too in order for me to bring you around. Let me know alright?

    @prettybeautiful – Haha, yeah too random. I really like wasabi and bought tons of sushi for dinner that night.  Yeap, I agree with you on all the places you mentioned.

  6. @voguefemme – Heehee, I’ve seen others do voice overs. Unless you copy word for word, I dont think you’ll be sued! lol.

    I hope to travel when I get the money. Tell you what, if/when I hit the lotto, I’ll come over & take you out to lunch! =D I hope it’s the mega millions or the powerball!

  7. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Haha, thanks for the encouragement *hugs*. Maybe I should try it on my future videos. It will take a lot of effort to do so. I hope you do win something then *pray* and we’ll get to meet. I wished to go to the States one day, but it’s ginna be a long ride. It’s almost towards the end of the globe from here.

  8. That looks fun! I haven’t seen pen’s like that in such a long time, how cute! Makes me want to go there. Ugh, I can’t wait to travel! There’s really not much in the States (to me anyway), lol. N.Y.C, S.F. and L.A is pretty fun, but such a wallet burner! Gotta save up. Nice post Traclyn<3 

  9. @Vonnie – It is! Very pigmented and beautiful.

    @Dee – I enjoyed it so much. At least in the states you have many products aren’t available here. Okay, let me put up a few example that I can think of,
    1. Witch Hazel Liquid (the one I ask about it from your site)
    2. Maybelline Anti-Aging Concealer (Revlon here has it but expensive, I wanted one )
    3. ELF ( rely on sprees)
    4. NYX (rely on sprees)
    5. Coastal Scent (rely on sprees)

    Many more brands I guess. So you guys are lucky~

  10. LOL. But there’s so many asian products that I want that are readily available there and not here. I hate ordering online, but that’s the only thing I have sadly, haha. The Witch Hazel should be available everywhere though. I remember seeing someone from Autrailia or UK have it.

    You know if you wanted, you can let me know what you’re looking for, like Revlon lashes, Elf products, etc since they’re affordable and shipping shouldn’t be that bad since they’re not as heavy as most items. I’d be happy to help you look for certain products and send them to you.

  11. @Dee – Haha, I think it’s a vice versa thing that when one doesn’t have it and they want that.  Thanks for offering me the help but I think I shall wait for my ELF spree coming to me soon. Money tight, dear~ The witch hazel was available in Australia and I didn’t think of getting it when I saw them at that momentl but they’re aren’t available in Malaysia.

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