Finally it’s OVER!

Hurray! Finally I’m totally done with my degree. Till at the end of the course I was struggling. Imagine, I have an assignment due on Friday, the work is 90% done and my idiotic laptop crashes the evening before Friday. It’s a group work and everything its gone. My team and I have to start from scratch but thankfully this report details are similar with another subject. Jowie still have that subject’s copy! My savior! Now that I don’t have a laptop to use, I have to use Jowie’s. I suppose to post a focus group that I went about a couple of weeks back and all pictures are in there too. I’m not so worried about my laptop anyways because I have partitioned my drive and I kept most of my stuff in D drive. When I get back, I’ll just need my brother to format C drive and that’s it. The thing I don’t get it is my laptop has been doing it to me second time already. The last time was even worse because 10 minutes before presentation, my laptop crashed. OH GOD! WHAT”S THE MATTER WITH YOU? *sigh* No point speaking about it anyways right now. It’s already over. I should be happy because I have completed my course and having graduation ceremony soon.

Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. congrats to u siew!! uv done ur degree now!! im hooraying for u..HOoOorayyy!
    so if everything’s ready, cepat cepat cepat balik sini k 😀

    siew’s coming bck! yeyeh!

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