LOVEBIRD Super Waterproof Unstoppable Lash Extension Mascara Review

This mascara claims that it will curl, volume and lengthen lashes. It comes with a lash and brush separator which is quite an unique product. The packaging and name of this mascara is like a dupe of Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black.

I was very excited when I first got this mascara but it’s a waste of money. It’s not like what it claims. Let me know you how my eyes look like…

This is how my lashes look like without using curler. It looks as though there’s nothing but some smudges around my eyes.

This is by using curler. Basically, this mascara gives a natural looking lashes than any lash extension.

  • NO curly lashes
  • NO voluminousness
  • Just a little lengthening
  • It separate lashes well
  • Color intensity so-so

The mascara is pretty wet just by the moment you pull out the wand from it’s tube. The liquid is hanging like a spider web! Because it is too wet, you easily smudge around your eye area. There was once I forgot that I have applied the mascara due to it’s so natural looking and light-weighted, I accidentally bathe with it. It’s definitely NOT WATERPROOF at all. I have zombie-eyes the moment rinse my face with water. It’s definitely not my type of mascara and whoever wants non-waterproof and natural looking lashes, this would be a good option, other than that it’s like nothing. The lash and brush separator doesn’t serve it’s purpose because the mascara itself be able to separate lashes. The only thing that I like about this mascara is no matter how many times I coat my lashes, it doesn’t clump.

My rating: 1.5/5

Dear Malaysian readers, if you wish to get this mascara, you may purchase it from Hinode for only RM5. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re looking for more than just natural lash look.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. huh?
    why trim the end of your lashes?
    i heard my mum’s friend said that if you trim the ends of the lashes when your kid is still like a baby (slant ways gives curling effect when it grows back) they will grow very long.

    wonder if it’ll still work when the “kid” grows up. haha

  2. @LyNn – I trim it so that it grows longer. Just trim it by tip of the lashes only. It didn’t happen to me for different curling effect. I still trim it once in a while, like a couple of months then only trim once. I don’t want to overdo it.

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