I had My Brows Done @ Benefit Brow Bar

Remember on my posting of Hot Specials from Female & CLEO Magazine in March? I had gotten a Benefit Brow Bar complimentary card? I’ve just use it on last Tuesday.

I actually left my brows grow without trimming since I have receive this card. I can tell you my brows was in such a mess but thank GOD for my fringes actually covers so it wasn’t too obvious.

The experience wasn’t too bad. I had my eyebrows embroidered last two years ago by Empro. I told the lady that I wanted thicker eyebrows shape but I was consulted that she will try her best because my eyebrow embroidery gave a permanent shape.

Firstly she remove my make-up around my brows and my nostril between both of my brows. She then powder my eyebrows using Benefit Brow Zings.

Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics

She then apply warm wax and start waxing. I wasn’t really prepared for this, she didn’t even warn me! There she went, ZAP! It’s definitely an OUCH! However, the pain didn’t last long. After waxing , she did some plucking and apply soothing gel on my brows. This is my first time getting my brows wax and my skin was sort of numb after the waxing. When it’s done she pass me the mirror to have a look. I gave a WOW look to her because she did a good job for my brows. It’s so clean and well-shaped just like I wanted because it wasn’t too thin. Check out my before and after picture.

This is before. You can actually see those brow hairs are so messed-up.

This is after picture. Please ignore my without make-up look. See the difference?  It’s so clean and well-groomed now, even all the fine hairs are all gone. Although the brow bar lady did a great job, I would say this service was a little expensive. It’s RM55 for a brow arch service, it’s quite expensive. I have the price listing from the Benefit Brow Bar service.

Brow Arching
Brow Arch                         RM55

Facial Waxing

Brow & Lip                        RM75
Chin & Lip                         RM55
Chin                                   RM38
Lip                                     RM35
5+1 (Brow Arch Package) RM275
5+1 (Brow+Lip Package)  RM375

I’m not too sure what others think about this, but I definitely couldn’t afford such an expensive service. I might as well get some wax strips from the pharmacies and DIY it. Other than the brow arch service, I flash this page to get a 5-minute makeover using CORALista Blusher.

And this is how I look like after the makeover…

The CORALista blusher look really natural, however the guy that gave me this makeover applied the blusher a little way too high. I prefer it to be it more horizontal over my cheeks. I’m entitled to get  a free sample of the blusher but it was out. I left Benefit counter feeling dissapointed because if they could give a makeover but no samples? However, the guy probably figured that I wanted something from them, he chased and pass me this…

Do it daily! Moisturizer oil-free moisturizing lotion SPF10 sample pack. It was very nice of him, finally I felt satisfied leaving Benefit counter.

p/s: I was with my bestie and we wasn’t suppose to take any pictures while we were at the Benefit counter. When the guy came to stop my bestie from taking picture, she already taken a few

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. ooo luckily you manage to get some pics.
    haha so basically cleo mag is RM 5.50?
    so you only spent rm 5.50 for it 😉
    how long will wax last?
    any like limit “be the first xx” only entitled a?

    so sweet of him to at least give you something.
    but i think i prefer the blusher kua.
    my moisturizer still got alot since i use very little only

  2. @LyNn – CLEO magazines are RM5.60. Waxing could last maybe 2-3 weeks without me doing anything? I’m starting to love the waxing because they pick up all the fine hair that hardly to be plucked. There’s no limit for the brow bar complimentary card, they only provide due date which is on 31st March 2009 and only at Parkson Pavillion. Only the make-over is for be first 1000 readers to get it.

    Well I was hoping they do have the sample of the blusher but it was out. So sad! I have way too much moisturiser plus you gave me too!

  3. haha i wouldnt mind at all to spend rm 5.60 for that
    but then pavillion too far la.
    and i think its female not cleo right this one?
    female quite exp one wor
    if i not mistaken that is (not sure cause i usually buy seventeen)

  4. what does eyebrow “embroidering” mean? it changes the shape permanently?!

    your eyebrows turned out really sexy. she did a good job :]

    5+1 (Brow+Lip Package)  RM375 <<==== what do they do to your lip ?!

  5. @LuxteK – Well eyebrow embroidery basically is like giving a semi-permanent eyebrow shape. Unlike eyebrow tattoo, it will not turn grey-ish after a long period. It will slowly fade. I haven’t went for any touch up for two years and mine still stay on up until now.

    Well about the brow and lip package, they will wax facial hairs around your lip area.

  6. @LuxteK – as I mentioned earlier, it’s a semi-permanent make-up. It gives a fuller and well-shaped eyebrow especially for people like me with sparse eyebrows. It needs touch up from time to time but it will last for a few years, just like mine.

  7. @feedDuh – Me too, I’ve been eyeing it since erm like a couple of years ago but for me its very expensive! How I hope that maybe some affordable make-ups with that packaging be available in Watson or Guardian.

  8. I just love Benefit samples. Just ‘cos they’re cutely packaged 😉

    Why the heck isn’t the brow bar in Melbourne yet?! Grrrrrrrr

  9. @Tine – Yeap, nicely packed for just some small items. I really love all their packaging because it’s so vintage and retro.

    There’s no brow bar in Melbourne? Hrmph…I regreted that I didn’t get make-ups when I was there!!! Grrr!

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