I’m so excited!

Remember my previous posts on Hot Specials from Female & CLEO Magazine in March? I submitted the registration form of CLEO M.A.C Hello Kitty Party the next day after the post and I receive this text message on my phone yesterday…

I was really excited! This is the first ever time I get something out of CLEO, finally! The CLEO M.A.C. Hello Kitty Party took place in Mid Valley Megamall at 10:30 a.m. You must be feeling weird that there’s a party in the morning. I’m have never own any M.A.C products (they are too expensive for me, I can’t afford it) but seriously, I’m invited now so why leave out the chance?

The venue overview. The whole presentation of the venue was pretty good. They have a gateway with Hello Kitty headshape and instead of using mostly white, they have made Hello Kitty in goth! Hahaha! It’s still good.

This is how everywhere look like on the venue. They have long stretched make-up counter, Gothic Hello Kitty Balloons over the counters, DJ booth, Hello Kitty Mild and Wild posters and round couches on two corners. I was surprise many has start to apply on make-up. When I entered the venue, I was really afraid that I will be bored especially when Jowie didn’t get a spot for it but he wouldn’t want to. However, I bumped into someone!

Blogger of Babe…wutever! I know that she send the registration form but I didn’t know she got it too. We happily said hi to each other and took the chance to snap a picture.

The event started with a make-up demonstration for Hello Kitty Mild by the M.A.C Senior Artist, Yokoe Chan. If you notice the model kept looking into my direction, most probably she knew I’m taking lots of pictures.

Sharon, a lady in the event, I’m not sure if she’s with CLEO or M.A.C are giving out prizes. I’m so excited. At first they were asking questions on Hello Kitty. I was never a fan of Hello Kitty, so I’m really bad at that but wait a minute. They are also choosing people who dress according to the theme, Hello Kitty Mild or Wild.

Mainly the chosen ones are all dressed up in pink. These are all chosen by Yokoe Chan herself. I’m included too! The third photo is by Liyana, blogger owner of Babe…wutever!

What happened in the second picture here is Yokoe Chan can’t decide on who to pick and we all did the voting. I was being really nice, I voted all of them. I’m sure all of them wants the gift.

This lady wins of majority vote. I think because of her pink ribbon over her head. Look! The model is staring over my camera again.

Later, there comes the Hello Kitty Wild. I really love her suit, it’s nicely fit onto her body and it’s so sexy!

Hello Kitty Mild and Wild. I realized that the model for Hello Kitty Wild look like Mel B from Spice Girls, don’t she? I squeeze myself in between them…

Later on, the Hello Kitty Male came in to the event giving out the goth Hello Kitty balloons. I wonder who’s idea of coming out this, he look so wrong. First the Hello Kitty head was too oversized and he has black ribbons hanging over his chest plus wearing patent black pants? He looks has a great kinky fetish over Hello Kitty. This is definitely a turn off!

All the Hello Kitties~ plus me in the second picture. Squeeze Liyana in too on the third picture!

CLEO readers get a complimentary mini make over using the Hello Kitty Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. While waiting, I cam-whored for a second with my goth balloon and prize. MIAOW!

I took the initiative from the make over to start from scratch. I was on a very minimal make-up but I got rid all of it. My make-up artist removed my make-up around my eyes then she pass me a make-up remover sheet for me to clean my entire face. Their make-up removers stings my skin especially my eye area, my make-up artist explain most probably I have sensitive skin. I wasn’t aware of that at all since I’m into skincare so much.

Start of with moisturizing my face using M.A.C Studio Moisture Fix Lotion. It works as a moisturiser, details at M.A.C Studio Moisture Fix Lotion.

Apply on make-up base around my eye area for smoother application using M.A.C. Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage.

While waiting for my make-up artist to gather more stuff, I’m messing around with the M.A.C mirror and the primer. I have no idea why would they come out with a mirror that look like your frying pan.

Alright back to business, she powdered my face with M.A.C Hello Kitty Sheer Mystery Powder (if I have not mistaken).

Conceal my dark eye circles using M.A.C Studio Sculpt Concealer then blend.

Blush my face with M.A.C Hello Kitty Beauty Powder Blush.

Defining my brows using M.A.C Eye Brows.

Starting eye shadow application using M.A.C Hello Kitty Eye Shadow X4: Too Dolly. She also added a little glitter using M.A.C Glitter.

For my lips, she put on M.A.C Hello Kitty Lipstick and M.A.C Hello Kitty Lipglass.

Alright this is my make-up artist for my make over. I forgot to ask her name

Let’s see the before and after make over. Basically not much of a change, just a higher intensity of eye shadow color but the shadows are really good because I went back home in the evening its still the same as what you can see from the picture except for my face that went really oily. I would still prefer to use my BB cream. Oh want to know what did I get for my prize?

It’s packed in a gold box…

Tadaa! It includes:

Yay, I’m so happy! I’m finally owning some M.A.C cosmetics. The best thing is I got it for free. It’s the luck again. Keep the luck coming~

p/s: I’m sorry for such a lengthy post but I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @Sue – There will be one in Penang, something out of MAC Hello Kitty on the 9th March at MAC Counter at Plaza Gurney….there’s always a chance!

  2. The prizes are coolllll…..y dont they give away goody bag? huhuhuu T_T Anyway congrats! & thanx for the pics ^_^

  3. @skylarkz – Haha that’s one thing that they are lack off! Goody bag filled with some MAC Hello Kitty~ They should give since we make so much effort to make our way there and we promoted their events in our blog. Aww…what a waste!

  4. I was there on that day itself! lol. wishing that i was invited as i was invited a few times for free make ups. hahas. and also was wishing that i could get 1 of the kitty balloons. hahaha.

    happy for ya! =)

  5. mac make up for u! wah JEALOUS i. heheh.
    u sure look like you are enjoying ursev, so yey!

    cute gile tak that black cat tu?! haha tapi tgn manusia :-\

  6. @feedDuh – Haha, should have make you send the registration form as well. I did enjoy a lot. The black cat head on the guy figure? It look quite wrong, like something kinky-ness going around…i meant seriously look wrong!

  7. MAC has never been a fan of giving away freebies. You can speng RM1000 in a receipt and they might give you a tiny bottle of make u remover. Kinda cruel, like playing hard to get or something…

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