Daiso Liquid Concealer Review

This concealer can be found in a couple of shades, which I think I took the darkest shade of all. I bought this from Daiso. It’s applicator is just like many lip gloss applicator.

It’s a moouse or cream-like concealer because it is not runny like liquid concealer. However, it smells a little weird. I just can’t think of a word to describe the smell but it doesn’t stay long. Although I have chosen the darkest shade(beige), it was too fair for me.

The coverage was not bad, but I won’t really recommend this concealer. When I applied it on my face (under eyes, redness around nose, around lip area), it stings badly. I don’t really have sensitive skin, so imagine what it could do to people with sensitive skin type.

I had to mix with tinted moisturizer to make it darken it to suit my skin. After mixing, I don’t feel any tingling sensation on my skin. In fact, it became like just another concealer which provides a good coverage. In the ingredients listing, it contains alcohol! I never recommend to use anything contains alcohol, unless the product is very effective.

Good coverage
Cheap (RM5)
Available in countries that has Daiso

Smells weird
Too light even the darkest shade
Stings my skin
Not available in all countries

My rating: 2.5/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Just got back from Daiso…

    My first time there actually ;p

    Btw, too bad most of the descriptions are in Japanese
    I was puzzled all the time on what some products are all about..

    I asked the SA…and she also clueless…

  2. @mel – I hope you did run through my hauls on Daiso before you went there. Some of the products have the information or they have a small note hanging nearby the product explaining on it’s use.  For those that doesn’t come with information, I’ll either not to buy them or ask the SA. The SA was helpful and she did explain it well on the product that I asked about.

  3. @Esty – Thanks for the reminder! I planning to join just that I didn’t have time to go to McDonald. Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you around more often!

  4. hmmmm that concealer looks like soooo thick. For me, I wont put it on my face, 1st bcs it looks like crappy product. 2nd it has funky smell.

    dear, you should toss it away already!

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