On the 26th May, its the date all for Jowie. I have two surprises for him, one was on the day and another during the night. On the day, was a present for him. I gave him a watch of Swiss Hunter, Hugo Boss sample perfume and a business card holder. Hope that he likes all of it. For dinner, I let him pick his restaurant to dine. We were a little full before, so we’re having light dinner.

Just one set of two course dinner at T.G.I.Fridays at Pavillion.

Start of with an appetizer, boneless wings. The cheese that came with it is amazing. It tasted like blue cheese! It’s the TGIF’s buffalo sauce. Love it so much, and you can tell it the way Jowie eats it.

The main dish is Sizzling Chicken and Cheese. It taste good but I think they should have given more cheese. Those grilled cheese tasted so fine with the chicken.

Okays, time for some TGIF way of celebrating birthday with Jowie. Stand up on a chair and give a speech with their wireless microphone! (salt shaker actually). Everyone sang birthday song for him. Such happening crowd!

Birthday boy gets his cake and wish upon before blowing the candle. Blow your candle like a meter away!

Birthday boy shares his cake with me. It was a piece of ice cream cake. It was very generous of TGIF for giving this FREE cake for him.

Birthday boy didn’t get away from me. Smudge some cake stain on his face. Hahaha!

Happy Birthday Jowie!

I’m lucky to have you. Thank you for being here all the time for me.

During the night, I have personally made an Unbaked Frangelico Cheese Cake for him. Another surprise for him! I have fed him a lot with food during his birthday. I will reveal the recipe on it soon.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. your bf is sure lucky to have u…!
    cant wait for ur recipe…

    May both of you have all the happiness in the world ;p

  2. AWWWW!!!!!!!! How sweet! You make such a cute couple! I’m glad you guys had fun!

    Thank unbaked cake sounds good. It’s probably a mix & refridgerate cake, right? So easy. I cant wait to see the recipe! If you put it up before July, I’ll see if I can make it for my birthday since money is tight. As much as I love birthday cake, I dont want to starve after it’s gone because we have no money left. LOL

    As for the magazine, I dont know how much it was, but I’m sure it’s $5USD or less. My gosh, to steal that?! If they needed it so bad, I’d buy it. You know what they say about using stolen stuff…I dont wish it on them but if it happens, I wont be surprised. Haha!


  3. @mel – Thank you! I’m sure lucky to have him.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Yeah, the cake method of doing is exactly how you describe it. I’ll probably have it up by next week if everything run smoothly. I think making the cake myself shows more sincerity than just buying and probably cost more most of the time.

    Is USD5 expensive for you? I’m not too sure the standard of living there, I hardly tell except that you guys are being tax for almost everything but food? Well if it’s expensive, you might just get E.L.Fs stuff. It’s like USD1? or maybe on NYX, they cost just slightly higher than E.L.Fs.

  4. @voguefemme – $5USD isnt expensive but when money is tight, I’m careful how I spend it. The recession is hurting alot of people. E.L.F stuff starts at a dollar but I heard bad reviews on it. NYC stuff starts at a dollar & it’s just as good as department store make up. I like it. I saw NYX! I wanna try it. They have awesome colors.

  5. so sweet <3 the bunch at TGI’s are really cool and nice ppl eh? last time they even gave me a whole new big bottle of whipped cream to prank my birthday friend! and they didnt mind the mess 🙂

  6. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Recession is affecting other countries badly but I can’t really see it here. People are still spending as much as they want. Bad reviews on it? I heard many good ones! Too many in fact. Are NYC good?  NYX is still pricey for me. I will eventually get it when I have my income.

    @prettybeautiful – Hehe thanks! Yeah I guess it’s their working style. Work and have fun, not just for the sake of working with pure pressure. Oooo whipped cream? I like!!!

  7. @voguefemme – Yes it is, but I dont kno if it’s everywhere. here’s the link http://www.newyorkcolor.com/ 

    I actually read the bad review on Rice Bunny’s blog. Since she’s big into make up & skin care, I figured she was the person to listen to. Not to say professional reviews arent good but actual people give the best ones.

  8. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Well it’s not available here, but there’s always some sprees around. May get from them. About E.L.F., I saw ricebunny’s too but I saw many other Youtube gurus raved about it as well as other bloggers. One opinion doesn’t really represent all, so I opened up and read others as well. Oh thanks for the link!

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