Britney Spears BLACKOUT

Britney Spears is back with her latest album ‘Blackout’. I’ve been waiting for her comeback for so long. I have read about how tragic her life was, about her going bald, divorce with K-Fed, fighting the custody for her kids, going into rehab, going to party and getting drunk and many more. Many have criticized about her after what she did. Come on, she is a human and human do make mistakes. Who doesn’t? No one is perfect here. Britney must have gone through a hard time. We are not her, of course we don’t know what is she thinking about. She’s being watched by the tabloid all the time. Can’t they give her some space?

She performed the opening of VMA this year and had shaken everyone. I saw the performance in the news reported in TV. She looked nervous, comfortable, and doesn’t seem confident as before. Maybe she is not ready yet but I’m sure that she will make it well. Sarah Silverman had made fun of her right after her performance. How could she? What she had said was really offensive, if you want to know more about it read it here Although Silverman is a comedian but I don’t think she has the right to do so.

Anyways let’s celebrate for Britney Spears! Her new album is her kickback and I am going to support her no matter what. I have been a fan of her from her first album ‘Baby Hit Me One More Time’. This is her new album ‘Blackout’.

Her official music video “Gimme More’ is out as well. Check it out. It is a cool video although it’s just more to the pole dancing. Enjoy her video! Watch it here I have her video but my connection wasn’t fast enough to upload such a huge file. I have her audio instead.

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