Ai Leng’s 22nd Birthday

The night before Ai Leng’s birthday, we had steamboat dinner in my apartment. She was craving for the steamboat. We bought chicken and pork meat balls, fried bean curds, Chinese cabbage, crab sticks, mushroom needles, vermicelli noodles and bacons. The soup base is chicken flavored and here it is. This is how it looks like. Yummy!

Seems appetizing isn’t it? It’s cool to have steamboat dinner once in a while where everyone actually come together, have dinner and chat among each other. We took some pictures while eating as well. After dinner, we clean up the dining table together. Joel bought a tub of ice-cream of Cadbury Turkish Delight. Everybody just grab their spoon and eat from the tub. This is so much fun. We even took the chance to smear some ice-cream on Ai Leng’s face. We had so much fun that night

All of us know there is a surprise gift for her at 12 midnight, so we kept our mouth shut about it. All of us went to Chloe’s apartment, we saw the cake. It is so adorable! It’s a mountain ice-cream cake. Jessie and Ai Leng are on their way. Jessie said that she has to meet someone at their apartment and she asked Ai Leng to company her. Oh well, Ai Leng actually fall into the trick! She did. We hid around the apartment and close the lights. They came in and thought many have slept but the truth is not! We jumped out where we hid and she was so shocked and ran out. It was so funny. Finally we caught her back to the apartment and sing her birthday song with the wonderful cake. She was tearing, too happy.

This happened on August 28th. Sorry Ai Leng that I have posted this late. I hope you understand that many of us were busy before this. There will be posting coming right up. So stay tune!

Traclyn Yeoh
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