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I remember hating school picture days because I never know how to smile. Laugh all you want but yeah, I was that typical shy girl who doesn’t smile over the photos on my earlier years and have never thought by smiling makes a lot of difference. Unlike other countries, in Malaysia we usually wear uniform in schools (many other Asian schools too!) and we weren’t allowed to wear any makeup especially in government schools. I know I don’t look pretty in my school pictures and I’m showing them to you. We all have been there, so there is nothing to be shy about.

Traclyn in kindergarten 1992

I was really proud of this photo when I finished my kindergarten. I thought it was perfect but later my mother found out that my socks aren’t at the same height and it was my teacher’s scrunchy on the scroll.

Traclyn in Standard One 1993

This was Standard One and I was just seven.  I could still remember that the school is almost ending and my mother was watching me taking this picture.

Traclyn in Standard One (longer fringe) 1993

This was also still in Standard One towards end of the year where my fringe got longer. My ear looked huge in this photo and I look so different from early of the year.

Traclyn in Form Two 2000

OHH this mushroom hair! This is embarrassing but I’m not going to deny that mushroom head. My mother wanted me to cut to this hair style and she thought it was cute, oh dear. I was 14 in this picture which also in Form 2 in secondary school. After this shot, I promised myself to grow my hair long!

My secondary school is pretty strict, we have student prefects to spot on us and they carry a box filled with goodies to remove or add what we need to. Say for example, fringe that went over the brows, we are forced to buy hair clips from the prefects to clip our fringe aside unless you do have hair clips in hand then you don’t have to buy from them. Hair ends that went slightly over the collar must be tied up, clear nail polish has to be removed, nails that went over your finger tips has to be cut, use a replacement name tag if there’s no name tag, a must to have ribbons to cover our hair tie, no plucking brows, no mobile is allowed and more funny rules that was created by our dearest school discipline teachers.

Traclyn in Form 5 2003

This was my last year in secondary school of Form 5 at the age of 17. I was the class treasurer and that’s where I get to sit in front. Throughout the years of taking photos, I finally took the courage to practice to smile in front of the mirror before these picture days. Can you see how beautiful and bright the smiles shared with my classmates? I may not have the brightest smile but this was one of the best memorable photos I have ever taken in school. Trust me, I don’t even know what is tinted moisturizer at this time.

Traclyn at Swinburne University 2008

I have graduated with a degree at the age of 22 in Melbourne, Australia. In college and university, there’s no restriction on makeup! I learn to build my skills on makeup since then and I have never looked back. I’m perfecting my smile and makeup step by step without regret. For the recent years of taking photos, I always seek for the photographer’s guide by telling him/her that I’m not very well at posing and don’t worry, he/she will be happy to teach and guide you.

The reason why I’m sharing this is because I was inspired to share my story after I have read Michelle’s How To Look Good In Your School Picture. The tips that she shared is very useful but in the case like mine where makeup wasn’t allowed, just remember to smile, be happy and enjoy the photo session. You can always even out your skin with tinted moisturizer to cheat a little. If you happen to shy away from smiles, don’t be afraid to practice in front of the mirror. If your school allows makeup (you’re very lucky!), you’ll never go wrong with neutral and natural makeup or just use Michelle’s advices!


Any stories of school photos that you would like to share? Comment below!


Traclyn Yeoh
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