Sephora Malaysia Soft Opening

Sephora Malaysia is finally opened last week! I receive the news from many of my friends and supposedly I was meant to take half day leave just to go in sneaking and looking what’s there. However, it turned out that they opened later than I expected and lead me to head there during my lunch time. I’m all geared up and ready to go for the opening though it was hot and sunny at that time. I went there along with my friend, Jasmine Tam and we were so excited to step into Sephora.

Without much thinking, I started clicking for some photos until I got stopped by the General Manager, Violet. She was stopping me politely until I have introduced myself and she instantly got to know that I’m coming for the opening through their Facebook update. She made an exception for me to  grab more photos and I thank her for allowing me to do. She’s very friendly and even showed me around explaining what are the brands that they brought in at the moment. I couldn’t hesitate to her friendliness and  hurried to grab a photo with her 🙂 .

Most main brands that Sephora in the States like Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Smash Box, Soap & Glory, Burts Bees, Pop Beauty, Two Faced, Makeup Forever and Clarisonic is available here. I’m really liking how they display Sephora’s products, it’s really beautiful and colorful.

Most who came eye-spied on Urban Decay and here’s some eye-spied by Isabel on the prices of it.

  • Naked palette  – MYR 175
  • Shadow pencil  – MYR 80
  • Eyeliner – MYR 69
  • Primer Potion – MYR 75
  • Lipsticks – MYR 65
  • Face sprays – MYR 109

I managed to look at Clarisonic Plus System priced at MYR 830+. It’s definitely comparable from Sephora Singapore, as I found out that there is priced at SGD375.

There are a couple of beauty counters placed around the store, Sephora makeup artist are all ready to beautify people. Love the Queen for a day concept as it stands for recommendation for customers to ponder around. Look at those little cube! The packaging of Sephora soap cube is so colorful and cute!

There are some brands and products aren’t available yet. I see many yap their disappointed to Sephora’s Facebook but look at the bright side. I’m thankful that they are already here! You may check out their stockist list to see the brands available, here and I’m pretty sure that they will have more brands to come. I believe that not many people get the idea of soft opening, it’s like a test-run, taking in feedback to improve and to look at how if things could run smoothly.

What makes the difference to other Sephora’s around the world that we have brands like Jelly Pong Pong, f.o.x Cosmetics, U Care skincare and Baviphat.

Congratulations and thanks for coming to Malaysia! Their first store is located outside Star Hill in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Show your support by liking Sephora Malaysia’s Facebook!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Was there yesterday & man i was sooo happy ahaha, love your spread on sephora =)


    and i’m actually just really really happy that sephora even open in malaysia. i always go to the one at sg =P

    • Thank you! Did you had fun? I need to do some piggie bank for Sephora shopping~ 😛

  2. Yess i did =)
    By the look of your picture and compared to what I’ve seen tht day, seems like sephora sales have been booming haha.. the soap and glory area wasn’t that filled hehe but i got what i wanted.. gonna save up for more goodies 😉

    • That great! I’m saving some before my purse vanish from burning holes on it every month 😛

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